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  1. vision 2020
    Biden the BridgeThe Democratic National Convention showcases a party in transition.
  2. changes
    Medicare Will Likely Start Covering Sex-Change OperationsAn official review board found that the procedure is often medically necessary.
  3. announcements
    New York Magazine Will Publish Biweekly in 2014Changes.
  4. changes
    Times, AP Decide to Refer to Manning As ‘She’It took them four days to honor her request.
  5. changes
    Bradley Manning’s Long, Painful Road to Coming Out As TransgenderThe leaker will now be known as Chelsea.
  6. cable-stained wretches
    Ed Schultz Loses Weeknight Slot, As Predicted; Chris Hayes Moves Up [Updated]The host says he asked to go to weekends.
  7. fi-cri fallout
    Financial Crisis Leads To Transformative Experience for Lehman QuantLehman Brothers trader Adam Garrett has become anime director Guy Orlebar.
  8. change?
    So What’s in the Financial Regulation Bill?And what still needs to be figured out?
  9. checking in on voles
    British Water Voles Acting UnusualScientists have found evidence that the adorable furry creatures may be turning carnivorous.
  10. changes
    Dow Jones Nears Deal to Sell ‘the Dow’Wow.