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  1. the city politic
    10 New York City–Based Charities I’m Giving ToGiving Tuesday is a great opportunity to help fix what’s broken here in New York and around the world.
  2. Donald Trump Used Charity Money to Buy Himself a Helmet Signed by Tim TebowThe Donald J. Trump foundation is starting to look like the GOP nominee’s personal slush fund for failed quarterbacks’ memorabilia.
  3. Trump’s Charity Brags Could Land Him in CourtThe GOP nominee promised proceeds from his campaign book would go to charity. There is no evidence that they did.
  4. today in donald trump
    Trump Wrote Checks to Veterans Just Last WeekCoincidence?
  5. Donald Trump Tells Media It Should Be Ashamed for Holding Him Accountable Trump explained that when he says he donated money to veterans’ groups, the media’s job is to believe him, thank him, and ask no further questions.
  6. charity
    Humans of New York Raises $1M for Brooklyn KidsKids at Mott Hall Bridges Academy will be able to take a Harvard field trip for the next ten years.
  7. the internet
    Mark Zuckerberg Narrowly Escapes Having to Donate $100 to CharityThat was close.
  8. the internet
    Why Celebs Are Dumping Ice Water on ThemselvesDon’t call it a desperate plea for internet attention — it’s the nouveau version of Icing, and it’s for charity.
  9. discuss amongst yourselves
    Philosopher Peter Singer on Why Batkid Was BadWhat do you think?
  10. newtown massacre
    Newtown Volunteers Could Use a Break From Sorting Sympathy GiftsProcessing a nation’s teddy bears is a huge job.
  11. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett’s Childhood Home Not Exciting to AnyoneNo one bid on a charity dinner to be held where the billionaire grew up.
  12. angels in america
    The Story the White House Was Dreading Would Get OutDreading.
  13. charity
    NYC Bus Drivers Made a Beefcake CalendarThe FDNY should watch their backs.
  14. party chat
    If You Win a Charity Lunch With Anderson Cooper, You Can Have an Appetizer and Dessert“And I don’t do a lot on a first date, but if you behave and you’re charming, there may be a second and who knows?”
  15. bad people
    Stop Giving Money to the United Homeless Organization, People! It’s Pretend!The group doesn’t even exist anymore.
  16. white men who are accustomed to winning at life
    Jamie Dimon Went Home With a Cougar Last NightBoth the Robin Hood Foundation and the JPMorgan CEO scored.
  17. ballsy former state senators
    Hiram Monserrate Is Hitting People in the Face for Charity NowOr is he just out for revenge!
  18. dr. doom
    Who Wants to Have a Hangover Breakfast With Nouriel Roubini?Now’s your chance.
  19. god’s work
    Lloyd Blankfein Gives Away $11 Million of His Own Money and Still No One Is HappyThe Goldman Sachs CEO cannot catch a break.
  20. charity
    Bloomberg Calls End to Unusual Charity ProgramMayor has given more than $200 million to nonprofits through trust.
  21. international intrigue
    Obama Divvies Nobel Winnings Among Charities, Former PresidentsNot to mention a little deposit for the curiously named Posse Foundation.
  22. charity
    Bloomberg Among 2009’s Top PhilanthropistsOver 1,300 charities received donations from the mayor last year.
  23. haiti
    Text Donations to Haiti: the Good News and the (Slightly) Bad NewsIt’s actually faster to donate online.
  24. do they know it’s christmastime at all
    Letters to Santa Going UnreadA classically New York expression of goodwill may soon be no more.
  25. UHO Tables Ordered Off the StreetWhat are they going to do with all of those jugs?
  26. Now You Have a Better Excuse to Not Give to the HomelessThat organization with the folding tables and big empty jugs is a scam.
  27. oh albany!
    Malcolm Smith Would Fight Dean Skelos — If It Helped ChildrenUnfortunately, Dean Skelos is a coward.
  28. america’s sweetheart
    Dinner With Sarah Palin Now at Least $60,201.01Maybe for that much she’ll commit to an autograph?
  29. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin May or May Not Sign One Reasonably Sized Item at Charity DinnerThat is, if you manage to surpass her “subjective standards of suitability, professionalism, background and other factors” first.
  30. early and often
    Barack Obama Spreads the Wealth AroundTax returns show the First Couple was pretty charitable last year.
  31. the cuddle muddle
    Paterson in a Much More Giving Mood This YearWho’s a tightwad now, New York?
  32. party lines
    Anderson Cooper’s Stock Drops More Than 60 PercentA charity lunch date with the CNN anchor was auctioned off for $13,500 less than it was at the same time last year.
  33. the gays
    Manderson Puts Himself at the Mercy of the GaysWin a date with Anderson Cooper!
  34. bloombucks!
    Mayor Bloomberg Ups Charitable Giving for Eleventh Year in a RowAnd to think this year you stopped even paying for those little address labels they send you unsolicited.
  35. the most important people in the world
    Chace Crawford’s Adorable Memory ProblemsOuttakes can be so much fun, can’t they?
  36. early and often
    Clinton Foundation Donor List OutAnd it’s disappointingly un-titillating.
  37. sad things
    Hale House Will No Longer Take In OrphansThe plucky charity, founded by Mother Hale in 1969, will change its focus.
  38. crazytown
    Heather Mills to Donate $1 Million in Food to Hunts Point Children’s CharityTomorrow, Paul McCartney’s ex-wife will make a presentation to the children of the South Bronx — and grill some meatless hot dogs, to boot!
  39. in other news
    Leona Helmsley Leaves Billions to Canine CareShe also gave the ‘Post’ a golden opportunity to make “bitch” jokes for the rest of time.
  40. intel
    NYC Homeless Youth: Networking for Showbiz CareersWe interview some LGBT youth about getting off the streets and into arts careers.
  41. in other news
    Sharpton’s National Action Network Donors ProbedAnheuser-Busch has received federal subpoenas over its giving to the group, and more are expected to follow.
  42. in other news
    Now Even Andrew Cuomo Is Trying to Give Hathaway the HintThe state attorney general busted actress Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend for failing to file basic tax forms for his foundation.
  43. intel
    Analysis: Silda Wall Spitzer’s Triumphant Return to the SpotlightWhat her look at last night’s Children for Children benefit said about how she’s feeling these days.
  44. early and often
    Paterson Says That Sometimes Doing Good Can End Up Being Bad. Or Something.Our new governor’s explanation about his low level of recorded charitable giving does not completely sell us.
  45. early and often
    Governor Paterson Is Kind of a CheapskateOur new governor only gave $150 to charity last year, even though he and his wife made $269,000 combined.
  46. intel
    On the Sudden Seeming Ubiquity of Bill Clinton Is it our imagination, or has Bill Clinton been a busy little bee lately — or, at least, a busy little potential First Husband? In eight recent days, he schmoozed, posed for pictures, and occasionally gave speeches at four different high-visibility charity events. The last time he’d attended a gossip-column-worthy event in town was in January, for his good friend Terry McAuliffe’s book party. This latest burst started a week ago Monday, when he came to the Food Bank for New York City’s “Can-Do Awards” at Pier 60, wandering in late from a Hillary fund-raiser at Pier 94 with Chelsea, who wore a Hillary campaign button. He introduced U2’s the Edge, who was being honored, and then he fake-admonished Jimmy Fallon, who had just sung a ditty called “Car Wash for Peace,” for withholding a plan that could have broken the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. The room exploded, and the Food Bank’s coffers hit a record high.
  47. intel
    Dining By Design, in Style and for Charity Dining By Design, an annual charity thingie that plops society types down to dine among phantasmagoric table settings, is a reliable showcase of ingenuity with a serious tranny undercurrent (John Waters did a table once; Amanda Lepore was a table once). This year, DBD’s tenth, there was a palpable sense of overdrive in the West Chelsea event space: Most table designers were piling on feathers, antlers, holograms, lenticulars, fruit hats, and drag queens with corporate-sponsored abandon. On the tamer end, Ralph Lauren erected a mosquito-netted gazebo. Disney’s table recalled, curiously, a boardroom. Nautica went with the oh-my-God-we’re-on-a-yacht theme. In a slight faux pas, the Cole&Garrett and Lexus tables used the exact same chairs.
  48. in other news
    So This Is Christmas, and What Have You Done?For those wanting to take their holiday giving beyond the doorman’s tip, the Morning News has put together a great holiday charity guide with some very unique and deserving organizations who’ll be happy to receive your last-minute stab at saving the world. Even if you gave at the office, go over and take a look. Of course, according to an article they’re currently running, the Morning News kids also sent their intern to go to the Christmas-tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. Charity begins at home, guys. Morning Edition [Morning News]
  49. intel
    Broadway Cares, But ‘The Color Purple’ Cares MostYesterday endeth the giving season on Broadway. Every year since 1988, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has asked the theater world to spend six weeks raising funds for the charity — hence all those post-ovation pleas for donations — and shows’ casts compete to raise the most dough. This year’s big winner was The Color Purple, which brought in $194,500 of the almost $3 million total. How do casts try to wring more money from their audiences? By offering for sale or auction all manner of services and tchotchkes. In 2003, most notably, Hugh Jackman, then in Boy From Oz, and Harvey Fierstein, then in Hairspray, faced off for the most coveted trinket: Jackman auctioned off his autographed, sweaty towel after each performance, while Fierstein promised to record an outgoing message for his highest bidder. (Jackman triumphed, bringing in more than $3 million.) Who was this year’s big draw?