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  1. today in astor-ia
    Charlene Marshall on Anthony: ‘I Don’t Know If He’s Going to Make It’ to SentencingBrooke Astor’s much-reviled daughter-in-law fears her ailing husband is not strong enough to make it to sentencing, let alone prison.
  2. today in astor-ia
    Anthony Marshall Owes Lawyers Millions, Son Says Charlene is the Real VillainAnthony and Charlene Marshall owe their lawyers up to 11 million; Philip Marshall says Charlene is the one who should go to jail.
  3. today in astor-ia
    The Astor Trial: What Happens Now?Who gets the money?
  4. today in astor-ia
    Brooke Astor’s Son Found GuiltyAnthony Marshall could get 25 years in prison.
  5. the week in astor-ia
    Frances Kiernan: In the Bathroom With Charlene MarshallWhile reaching for the paper towels, Brooke Astor’s biographer and daughter-in-law have a moment.
  6. today in astor-ia
    Anthony Marshall Will Not Be Calling Any Witnesses in Astor TrialWhat’s left to be said?
  7. today in astor-ia
    Anthony Marshall’s ‘Brain Is Bruised’Such a vivid way to describe it!
  8. today in astor-ia
    To Al Roker, Charlene Marshall Is ‘That Friend’You know, that friend who always thinks the two of you are closer than you actually are.
  9. today in astor-ia
    Charlene Marshall Complained About Brooke Astor’s Longevity“She is killing him. She’s f—– killing him,” Astor’s daughter-in-law ranted in 2001, according to a witness. “If [Anthony Marshall] dies before I do, I get nothing.”
  10. today in astor-ia
    Brooke Astor Said Daughter-in-law Was a BitchFile this under “When Wasps stop being polite, and start getting real.”
  11. today in astor-ia
    The Greatest Hits from the Astor Inheritance Case Jury Poll“Do you have any attitudes, positive or negative, toward people of great wealth that would affect your ability to be a fair and impartial juror in this case?”
  12. today in astor-ia
    Is Charlene Marshall Getting Her Groove Back?Oh, no, she didn’t! Charlene Marshall, the wife of Brooke Astor’s son Anthony Marshall, who was recently indicted for looting his late mother’s estate, showed up all huffy at an Upper West Side Barnes & Noble Monday night, where author Frances Keirnan, was reading from her book The Last Mrs. Astor: A New York Story, a biography about the grande dame’s life and philanthropy that touches on the recent scandal. During the Q&A session, a witness told “Page Six,” Marshall caused a scene by confronting the author about her reporting. She was “waving her hand furiously,” the witness said. “It was such bad form on her part.” Still, the source notes, “She looked good. She’s lost weight and had her hair done.” There’s nothing like having your entire world fall apart to bring a flush to your cheeks and help you lose that extra five pounds!