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  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Kimani Gray’s Mother Changed Her Phone Number to Avoid Mayor BloombergMayoral condolences not welcome.
  2. neighborhood news
    MoveOn.org Is Sorry for Picking on, Quoting Charles Barron The organization promises to unite, not divide, the progressive left going forward.
  3. politics
    Hakeem Jeffries Wins Eighth District Democratic Primary [UPDATED]Jeffries wins and wins big.
  4. politics
    Charles Barron Versus Hakeem Jeffries for Congress: A PrimerThe Democratic primary in New York is way more interesting than it was supposed to be.
  5. early and often
    Carl Paladino Disappears on a Crowded StageThere were no game changers in the debate tonight.
  6. early and often
    Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Gubernatorial DebateIn easy-to-read FAQ form!
  7. early and often
    Andrew Cuomo Looks to Abraham Lincoln for Campaign StrategyHe’ll “speak to people’s better angels” instead of joining Paladino in the gutter. But will he debate?
  8. the post-racial world
    Andrew Cuomo Will Pay for Picking a White Lieutenant GovernorA black city councilman will try to siphon off minority votes.
  9. City Council Meetings on Term Limits Are ScaryIn which we imagine what was going on inside the head of the girl who told off Mayor Bloomberg.
  10. in other news
    Brooklyn, Meet Your New Borough President Councilman Charles Barron has become the first candidate to officially announce that he wants to be the next Brooklyn borough presidency. With part-time steamboat Marty Markowitz set to sail off in 2009 because of term limits, the position is open, and Barron couldn’t be more different from the tireless cheerleader of the cheesecake-and-bagel Brooklyn. For one thing, he’s a former Black Panther who’ll be, in his own words, “taking care of black folk. Unapologetically.” For another, Barron comes with the distinction of already having seriously pissed off Bloomberg: Earlier in the year, the mayor called Barron’s initiative to rename an avenue after activist Sonny Carson “the worst idea anybody in the City Council has had” — amid some stiff competition, to be sure. Barron’s first endorsements come from Al Sharpton and retired police sergeant Noel Leader, a co-founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care. Sadly, even Leader’s hundred didn’t quite care enough to attend the announcement en masse: The trio spoke yesterday, in the Daily News’ estimation, to “about 75 supporters.” Barron Says He’d Back Black Brooklyn [NYDN]
  11. the morning line
    How Now Dow Jones? • Thirty or so Bancrofts are converging on a Boston Hilton today to discuss whether they’d like some more money. (Actually, spread across the clan, the estimated $500 million in profit a Dow Jones sale would bring doesn’t sound like a staggering amount.) [NYT] • Councilman and former Black Panther Charles Barron (he of the “Sonny Carson” avenue-renaming idea Bloomberg called “the worst ever”) announced he’s running to replace Marty Markowitz as the Brooklyn beep. Should be a lively campaign, as they say. [NYP] • In rapper-arrest news, Lil Wayne and Ja Rule have been picked up on separate (!) gun-possession charges in busts an hour apart. [WNBC] • Midtown businesses that lost money to last week’s steam-pipe blast will not see a red cent from Con Ed — not even restaurants that lost their supplies to spoilage when the power was cut. Some are threatening to sue. [NYDN] • And the Yankees beat the Devil Rays 21-4 last night, which both tabs agree puts the team in the “21 Club.” Yuk yuk yuk. [NYDN, NYP]