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    Is This ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ for the New York ‘Times’?Ever since “Page Six” mentioned that director Adam Christian Clark was making a film about Charles LeDuff’s short story “The Editor: A Man I Despise,” we’ve been looking for it online. The story is allegedly a roman à clef about LeDuff’s former bosses at the New York Times, so obviously we were dying to see it. And it has arrived! The trailer is available on YouTube and on the director’s Website, and we’ve included it here for your sick enjoyment (click image to watch). We have absolutely no idea what’s going on in these clips, but man, it looks intense. Who is Mather Cox, the protagonist editor, supposed to be? Why is it in black-and-white? Does the soundtrack of impending dread continue through the entire film? Oh, dear, so many questions, so little three-point lighting! Adam Christian Clark [Official site]