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Charles Schumer

  1. getting around
    ‘The Whole Economy Depends on It’: Chuck Schumer on His Push to Bail Out the MTAThe New York senator talks about trying to persuade red-staters to keep our transit system from collapsing.
  2. the national interest
    Don’t Blame Trump for Losing the Shutdown Battle to These Legislative GeniusesA close analysis of how Democrats somehow outmaneuvered the great negotiator.
  3. Senate Democrats Are Already Using Kid Rock to Raise MoneyIf the “Pimp of the Nation” is serious about the Senate, Dems want to be ready.
  4. the national interest
    Charles Schumer Is Leading Democrats to Their Doom, ContinuedThe party’s most important politician does not get how politics works.
  5. the national interest
    Collaborating With Donald Trump Is Doomed to FailA short primer on how politics works, for Democratic senators who clearly don’t understand.
  6. the national interest
    Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Have a Plan to Make President Trump PopularHelping Trump pass a huge and quite possibly corrupt infrastructure plan is not the way to defend their values.
  7. early and often
    Ripples From the GOP’s Upset N.Y.-9 Win Reach Albany, and BeyondAn unexpected Democratic loss affects the re-districting musical chairs.
  8. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Are Powerful Forces Trying to Take Down Prospect Park West’s Bike Lane?Chuck and Mrs. Schumer get embroiled in the controversy.
  9. marketing
    Chuck Schumer Wants You to Know About a Designer Drug Called ‘Bath Salts’Bath salts are the new Four Loko.
  10. drinking
    Chuck Schumer: No Four Loko for You, New YorkEarn them the hard way, like the rest of us.
  11. politics
    Schumer and Menendez Pushed for Tax-Cut VoteWhy did Senate Democrats refuse to listen to the guys who got them elected?
  12. intergalactic planetary
    Chuck Schumer Thinks the Intrepid Can Win Its Very Own Space RocketA NASA space rocket to have and hold.
  13. ballsy crime
    Hassan Nemazee Fooled Banks TwiceAt least!
  14. early and often
    Smith: Schumer’s Health-Care CrossroadsThe senator is playing the staunch health-care idealist for a White House whose pragmatic and calculating instincts match his own.
  15. early and often
    Chuck Schumer Is That Guy Who Says He Is ‘Friends With Everyone’The New York senator is jumping on the populist bandwagon now that it’s cool.
  16. early and often
    Smith: How Bloomberg Could Finally Build Moynihan StationSenator Schumer has provided a glimmer of hope for the long-delayed project. Can the mayor follow through?
  17. the greatest depression
    Chuck Schumer Has a PosseGuerrilla marketing the New York senator’s proposed special finance unit.