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    The ‘Ironic Nazi’ Is Coming to an EndWhat happens when frictionless sharing meets a world that’s all friction.
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    America’s Far Right Has Global RootsBlending neo-Confederate and Nazi ideology, our white nationalist movement is part of a frightening international phenomenon.
  3. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Calls Charlottesville Murder ‘Domestic Terrorism’A far stronger response than the president has mustered.
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    Was Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer Hacked by Anonymous?The Daily Stormer’s domain provider, Go Daddy, has also given them 24 hours to find a new provider.
  5. What We Know About Charlottesville Suspect James Alex Fields Jr.A former teacher said he expressed white-supremacist views throughout high school, and he was kicked out of the Army after four months.
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    White House Tries and Fails to Defend Trump’s Ambiguity About CharlottesvilleMany sides are to blame for the haphazard defense of the president’s response to Charlottesville, but none more so than Trump himself.
  7. Charlottesville Protesters Chase Away White-Nationalist Rally OrganizerThe wounds are raw in the city.
  8. Trump’s Campaign Releases Abrasive Campaign Ad Right After He Called for UnityIt calls the media “enemies” of the president.
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    Charlottesville Shows That Republicans Are More Willing to Rebuke TrumpRepublicans are continuing to call out the president, this time over white-nationalist violence.
  10. 3 Dead and Dozens Injured After Violent White-Nationalist Rally in VirginiaEverything we now know about Saturday’s violence, including the identity of the driver who allegedly rammed his car into protestors, killing one.
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    Things President Trump Has Condemned Other Than White NationalistsThe president declined to condemn white nationalists on Saturday, but he’s sure summoned the will to condemn just about everything else.
  12. White Nationalists March on UVA Ahead of Saturday RallyAn inauspicious beginning to the weekend.