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Charm Offensives

  1. lady business
    Barack Obama Conducts a War on Women…’s Hearts and Minds!His best attempts at pandering to women, ranked.
  2. lady business
    Man Does Not Hate WomenMan’s thoughts on Syria and Iran less clear.
  3. white men with money
    The Carlyle Group Is Just a Bunch of Friendly, Bow-Tie-Wearing WhistlersTime for a pre-IPO charm offensive?
  4. optics
    Lloyd Blankfein to Oprah?Let’s hope so.
  5. charm offensives
    Goldman Sachs Cares About Poor People’s Bank All of a SuddenLloyd Blankfein is personally working the phones on behalf of a beleaguered Chicago lender.
  6. charm offensives
    Goldman’s Blankfein Launches One-man Telemarketing Campaign in Defense of FirmJust because you’re too big to fail doesn’t mean you’re too big to get on the phone.