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    Oklahoma’s Religious Charter School Aims to Break Church-State SeparationWhy bother with vouchers and scholarships to subsidize private religious schools when the state can just fund them directly and call them “public”?
  2. the national interest
    National Study Shows Charters Outperform Traditional SchoolsEducation-reform skeptics’ favorite fact is officially false.
  3. the city politic
    Kathy Hochul Is on the Brink of 3 Wars With Her Own PartyNew York’s governor claims she’s not looking for fights, but various state Democrats are signaling she’ll get them anyway.
  4. politics
    Why Republicans May Go All In on Parental RightsVirginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin thinks defending parents’ rights to dictate what happens in schools appeals to swing and base voters.
  5. the national interest
    Unlearning an AnswerJust as charter schools have begun to deliver extraordinary results, their political support among Democrats has collapsed. What will Biden do?
  6. education
    Parents Are Flocking to Virtual Charters and Homeschooling. That’s Bad News.Poorly regulated education alternatives could set kids back.
  7. the national interest
    Elizabeth Warren Tells Poor Parents to Fix Their Own SchoolsPresidential candidate boasts of helping to kill effective reform, tells urban parents to deal with it themselves.
  8. 2020 elections
    Cory Booker Has a School Choice ProblemBooker’s past positions on vouchers and charter schools are out of line with Democratic orthodoxy. He can’t stay quiet about it much longer.
  9. labor
    Acero Charter Schools Takes Legal Action To Stop StrikeAcero Charters Schools Is Taking Legal Action Against Striking Teachers
  10. labor
    Inside the First Charter-School Strike: ‘30k Is Not a Livable Wage in Chicago’Following a wave of public educator protests, teachers at Chicago’s Acero Schools charter network are demanding higher pay and smaller class sizes.
  11. education
    Chicago Teachers Clear Path for Nation’s First Charter-School StrikeFollowing a wave of teacher protests earlier this year, Acero Charter Schools educators voted to authorize a potentially groundbreaking strike.
  12. The GOP Could Get Shut Out of California’s Gubernatorial ElectionIt could matter a lot nationally if Republicans are shut out of the general election in both of California’s top-of-the-ballot races.
  13. california
    Charter School Billionaires Boosting Former L.A. Mayor’s Gubernatorial CampaignA network of wealthy charter school backers is financing ads for Antonio Villaraigosa into a general election with fellow Democrat Gavin Newsom.
  14. the national interest
    Charters Didn’t Cause Segregation. They’re a Solution for its Victims.Don’t wait for residential segregation to disappear before helping urban students.
  15. education
    Betsy DeVos Knew How to Wield Power in Michigan. It’s Not Working in D.C.Who is she? And how did she get to be head of our schools?
  16. trump transition
    Does Betsy DeVos Really Believe in Public Schools?The would-be secretary of Education is committed to eroding accountability for the use of taxpayers’ education funding.
  17. Trump Picks Wealthy Voucher Proponent to Head Education DepartmentBetsy DeVos is his gift to the Christian right.
  18. the city politic
    Is Andrew Cuomo Getting Schooled?His rough treatment of the teachers’ unions is driving down his popularity. So why is he doing it?
  19. city politic
    Who Will Take Round Two of the Charter-School Debate in Albany This Year?Pro-charter-school allies won big last year, but Albany’s dynamics have changed just enough to make that less certain.
  20. education
    How Campbell Brown Became the Most Controversial Woman in School ReformShe’s managed to make a lot of enemies, thanks to her new mission.
  21. education
    How Campbell Brown Became the Most Controversial Woman in School ReformThe ex–news anchor has managed to make a lot of enemies, thanks to her new mission.
  22. Charter-School Advocates Shift Tactics in Their Battle With de Blasio How they plan to put the mayor on the defensive.
  23. early and awkward
    Mayor de Blasio on His First (Nearly) 100 Days in OfficeHow about that pre-K deal? And what was it like getting booed by Mets fans?
  24. bill de blasio’s new york
    New York Lawmakers Reach Deal on Universal Pre-K and Charter Schools [Updated]Mayor de Blasio will get $300 million to expand early education programs.
  25. politics
    Why Mayor de Blasio Is Softening His Talk on Charter SchoolsThe latest, from Chris Smith, in the ongoing education battle.
  26. school daze
    Bronx Charter School Busted for Stacking the DeckEven though legally charter schools must admit by lottery, the Academic Leadership school has been weeding out weak applicants.
  27. neighborhood news
    Post-Industrial Nightmare Wasteland May Not Be a Good Place for Children to LearnGowanus community board negs charter idea.