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  1. nypd
    Lawsuit Alleges Widespread Cheating on NYPD Lieutenants’ ExamAn answer key was posted online before a makeup exam.
  2. paulitics
    Government Ashley Madison Users Have a Friend in Rand PaulHe said he doesn’t want to see them prosecuted — once someone explained what the site is.
  3. shocking revelations
    Ashley Madison Hack Reveals Government Workers Cheat, TooBut somehow no elected officials have been caught.
  4. the sports section
    The Cardinals’ Hacking Scandal Has Brought Sports Into the Surveillance EraAfter a century or more of semi-comic continuity, cheating has changed.
  5. this is ivy league
    Harvard Team That Was Actually Supposed to Win CheatedThe university has been stripped of four quiz bowl championships.
  6. bad education
    Harvard Hacks Deans’ E-Mail Accounts, Makes Cheating Scandal Even WorseRather than just talking with their employees.
  7. conspiracy theories
    Debunking the ‘Mitt Romney Cheated’ Debate ConspiracyIt was a handkerchief, not notes.
  8. school daze
    More Than 100 Harvard Kids Thought They Could Cheat on the Same TestThat’s about two percent of the undergraduate student body.
  9. school daze
    Stuyvesant Students Say Everyone Cheats, They Just Got CaughtSeventy students shared answers on their cell phones.
  10. school daze
    Stuyvesant Student Booted for Sharing Test Answers With 50 ClassmatesMaybe he was just feeling generous?
  11. the future is coming
    Divorce Lawyers Can Thank Mark Zuckerberg for His ‘Portal to Infidelity’Eva Longoria owes him one, too.