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  1. profile
    Chelsea Clinton Is Figuring Out Her Own Life NowThe odd situation of the former First Daughter in 2019.
  2. Trump: James Comey’s Leaks Were ‘So Illegal!’In his morning tweetstorm, the president also suggested that the media would never be as hard on Chelsea Clinton as it is on Ivanka.
  3. Chelsea Clinton Is Reportedly Gearing Up for a Congressional RunThis is the song that never ends.
  4. Clinton Lets Theranos Throw Her a Fund-raiserNext week, Chelsea Clinton will attend a campaign fund-raiser at Theranos’s Palo Alto headquarters. 
  5. first kids
    Meet the 4 Women Who (Sort of) Know What Sasha and Malia Are Going ThroughAmy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, and the Bush twins.
  6. babies
    Clintons’ ‘Royal Baby’ Steals Real Royal Baby’s Style, Tabloids AllegeCharlotte Clinton Mezvinsky wore white while exiting the hospital, just like Prince George.
  7. the clintons
    Chelsea Clinton’s Baby Is Here, and She Didn’t Name It Liam [Updated]Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky went with Charlotte.
  8. Politico Picks a Name for Chelsea Clinton’s BabyBased on the top names in Iowa and New Hampshire.
  9. media
    Chelsea Clinton Leaving Her Unbelievably Cushy Fake Job at NBCThe one that initially paid her $600,000 a year.
  10. the clintons
    Chelsea Clinton Gets Paid a Lot to Speak, TooBut she doesn’t keep it.
  11. nepotism
    NBC Paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 to Do Nothing, BasicallyOne time she interviewed the cartoon Geico gecko.
  12. the clintons
    Chelsea Clinton’s Mother-in-Law Loses House BidThe Clinton dynasty isn’t unstoppable.
  13. the clintons
    Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant!America’s version of a royal baby cometh.
  14. the clintons
    Kimmel Asks Clinton About 2016, Gets SelfieIt’s better than nothing, sort of.
  15. the clintons
    Now Chelsea Clinton Is Being Pressured to Run for President TooPresumably after making the Clintons grandparents.
  16. Bill Clinton Won a ‘Father of the Year’ Award, and It Was a Real AwardIt’s not a mug. 
  17. the clintons
    Chelsea Clinton Is the James Franco of Presidential KidsShe has yet another job.
  18. the most important people in the world
    This Is What Chelsea Clinton Does at NBC She delivers a hard-hitting interview with the Geico gecko.
  19. solved mysteries
    Chelsea Clinton’s Absence From the Campaign Trail Has Finally Been ExplainedNot having a parent running is no excuse.
  20. chelsea clinton
    2032 Election Update: Chelsea Clinton Hasn’t Ruled Out a Run for OfficeThe race is already heating up.
  21. media
    Chelsea Clinton at NBC: When Nepotism Goes WrongNetwork insiders are sniping anonymously at their own celebrity creation.
  22. tv news news
    Chelsea Clinton’s NBC Deal Is Only for 90 DaysAnd she might not re-sign with them.
  23. tv news news
    Chelsea Clinton Made Her TV Debut Last NightIt was fascinatingly dull.
  24. Chelsea Clinton’s First NBC Story on Arkansas Nonprofit It will air December 12.
  25. the american dream
    Chelsea Clinton Is Going to Work for NBC NewsHow ever did she get that gig?
  26. chelsea clinton
    Chelsea Clinton Joins IAC BoardThe former First Daughter has added another line to her résumé.
  27. unity
    Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton Both Go to SoulCycleAt the same time!
  28. party chat
    Chelsea Clinton: I Want My Kids to Grow Up With Marriage EqualityThe former first daughter speaks out for gay rights.
  29. the most important people in the world
    ‘Page Six’ Thinks Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky Are Doing Everything for Their BenefitThe gossip column has its eye on those two kids.
  30. the most important people in the world
    The Husband of the Daughter of the Guy Who Used to Be the President Is a Ski BumMarc Mezvinsky is leaving his banking job for a bit.
  31. real estate
    Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Did Not, As It Turns Out, Have Fairy-Tale PowersThe asking price for the mansion where she wed has been chopped nearly in half.
  32. rosh hashanah
    Spotted: Chelsea Clinton at NYU’s Rosh Hashanah Service“Though she didn’t seem to know the prayers, she stood up at appropriate times and generally blended in with the congregation.”
  33. photo op
    Spotted: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, Married, NeckingIn love.
  34. gossipmonger
    Prosecutors Don’t Buy Paris Hilton’s I-Thought-the-Coke-Was-Gum ExcuseHilton could face four years in prison; the ‘True Blood’ cast bailed on their Emmy party.
  35. the most important wedding in the world
    Inevitable Backlash Against Chelsea Clinton Wedding BeginsApparently the interfaith aspect of it was more problematic than you’d have guessed.
  36. the most important wedding in the world
    Chelsea Got Married!Check out the photos.
  37. the most important wedding in the world
    Rhinebeck Rocked by High-Profile TouristsThis town will never be the same.
  38. the most important wedding in the world
    Tired of Sharing the Spotlight, Bill Clinton Takes Solo Walk Into Media MaelstromIs Chelsea the only one who gets to be pretty this weekend? Is Chelsea the only one who gets to be important?
  39. the most important wedding in the world
    Good Luck Getting to Rhinebeck This Weekend If You’re a Normal PersonBus companies have canceled service to the area.
  40. the most important wedding in the world
    Everything You Don’t Need to Know About Chelsea Clinton’s WeddingYour Chelsea Clinton FAQ.
  41. the most important wedding in the world
    Could All This Madness About Chelsea Clinton’s Secret Wedding Have Been Avoided?Probably. Let’s start with the “secret” part.
  42. the most important wedding in the world
    Politico Is Not Interested In Chelsea Clinton’s WeddingNot everyone is freaking out about the Wedding of the Millennium.
  43. the most important wedding in the world
    FAA Closes Airspace Near Chelsea Clinton’s WeddingPaparazzi will have to get creative.
  44. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Was Clearly Hurting for Reading Material on Her FlightIt started out okay, but quickly went downhill.
  45. the most important wedding in the world
    Obama Won’t Be Attending Chelsea Clinton’s WeddingPresident missing the social event of the summer.
  46. the most important wedding in the world
    Residents of Rhinebeck Too Terrified to Discuss Chelsea’s WeddingNobody will tell reporters all the important secrets that people care about for some reason.
  47. the most important wedding in the world
    In Case You Weren’t Convinced Yet That Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Was Going to Be Absolutely Epic…We’re talking $2 million epic.
  48. the most important wedding in the world
    Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding: The Uninvited Speak UpTheir stories must be heard.
  49. chelsea getting married?
    Clintons Taking Wedding Secrecy a Bit Too Far?Two journalists were arrested at the Astor Estate, where the wedding will be held.
  50. photo op
    Hillary Probably Feels Bad for Not Inviting Vietnam to Chelsea’s WeddingVietnam gave her a really nice and sparkly mosaic.
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