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    The Chelsea Hotel Gets a Second Life On the Internet, at least.
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    Patti Smith Canceled Chelsea Hotel ConcertChalk up a victory for the residents.
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    Patti Smith Says She’s Not Working for The ManShe defends her Chelsea Hotel concert.
  4. the most important people in the world
    Why Is Patti Smith Playing at the Chelsea Hotel?Is she selling out the place’s legacy?
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    Hotel Chelsea to Stop Accepting ReservationsEnd of an era.
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    Apparently, Keeping $100,000,000 in Your Bank Account Is Not So UncommonJoseph Chetrit does it.
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    Hotel Chelsea Residents: ‘We Are Monuments Inside a Monument’With the sale of the iconic hotel imminent, its residents reflect on their fate.
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    Andre Balazs Trying to Buy the Hotel Chelsea?That could be interesting.
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    Chelsea Hotel Will Totally Stay the Same, Sellers SayYeah, yeah.
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    Lola Schnabel Once Woke Up With Grace Jones Outside Her Bedroom WindowJust another morning at the Chelsea Hotel.
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    The Rooms, They Are a’Changin’Including Bob Dylan’s old room at the Chelsea Hotel. New management wants to renovate it.
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    The Chelsea Hotel Has Not Lost Its EdgeThe naked girl at the Chelsea Hotel, the lost ‘SNL’ sets of the Brooklyn Navy Yards, and a very awkward tale of gentrification from Harlem, in today’s boroughs bundler!
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    Amy Sacco Says NYC Nightlife Is ‘Overrated’Plus, Lohan gets hysterical, Murdoch is happy about Obama, and Amy Sedaris causes problems for brother David.
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    Les Moonves Has Bigger Fish to Fry Than Katie CouricHe’s got to deal with Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman, who the ‘Post’ says is out for Moonves’s neck.
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    Inside the Chelsea: The Sun Through Yellow Curtains We read all about the Chelsea Hotel, and we walk past the hulking building on West 23rd Street from time to time, and we’ve always been vaguely curious about what the place looks like inside. (Not curious enough to actually walk in the door, mind you. But curious.) Apparently we’re not the only ones: Agence France-Presse obliges today with a handful of interior shots of the storied building, pegged, obviously, to the hotel’s recent de-Bardification. Above, what was apparently Madonna’s room when she first came to New York in the early eighties. After the jump, a few others.
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    Stanley Bard Ousted From Chelsea HotelThe legendary Chelsea Hotel has seen all kinds of unpleasantness over the course of its history, but never, to the best of our knowledge, a coup. Living With Legends, an insider blog written by an occupant, breaks the news that the hotel’s managing partner, Stanley Bard, is being pushed out by its board of directors. Bard’s part in shaping the Chelsea Hotel myth is hard to overstate: He has lorded it over the grand brick heap since back when Leonard Cohen canoodled there with Janis Joplin. Adding to the uncertainty about the hotel’s future is the fact that its ownership structure is a bit of a secret: It was originally split by three families, but Bard’s is the only one that still manages it hands-on; the other two are represented by a board. Now, at that board’s bidding, an “unnamed management company” will take over Stanley’s day-to-day duties, and we do not like the sound of that one bit. Which comes first, you think: the condo conversion or the “Chelsea Hotel West” in Vegas? UPDATE: Rubenstein emails with news on the new managers, Richard Born and Ira Drukler, who are apparently “two of New York City’s most successful and acclaimed hoteliers.” Stanley Bard will still be involved in management, the announcement says. Full press release after the jump. Board-Directed Coup Topples Chelsea Hotel’s Famed Manager Stanley Bard [Living With Legends]
  17. the morning line
    Murdoch’s Meeting • Now, finally, inevitably, the Bancroft family has announced it would “consider” selling Dow Jones. The rest is hemming and hedging, but do click through for the most ridiculously villainous photo of Murdoch the Times has ever run. [NYT] • Leroy Comria, a city councilman, has been issued police protection after another councilman’s aide kinda sorta threatened to assassinate him. Why? Because Comria wouldn’t vote to rename a street in honor of Black Nationalist Sonny Carson. [NYP] • While Bloomberg wants to increase the city’s real-estate tax cut from 5 to 8.5 percent, renters are screwed again — looks like the Christine Quinn–proposed $300 refund to the city tenants won’t happen. [NYDN] • Columbia University, squeezed by the AG’s office over an alleged violation of student-loan laws, denies any wrongdoing — but agrees to pay up to a million dollars nonetheless. [amNY] • And, in a possible first, the Hotel Chelsea Blog has inspired a documentary, Living With Legends. The last outpost of bohemia, gentrification, whither New York, blah blah. [WNBC]
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    Now With Daily Gatecrasher!Rosie O’Donnell called Barbara Walters a “(bleeping) idiot” in the latest round of The View–related acrimony, according to “Page Six.” (Ben Widdicombe has a slightly more reserved account.) Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson are squabbling over custody of their cats but not dogs. The TV critic who wrote a book about Bill O’Reilly wants George Clooney to play the title character. Fox is giving James Cameron a cool $200 million budget for his next film, Avatar. Julia Roberts may be pregnant with twins again. Arnold Schwarznegger forgets how old his mother is. Breaking: The Gotti Boys wear a lot of hair gel, gaudy jewelry. The Insider’s Lara Spencer might join Today when it adds a fourth hour. Snoop Dogg to host a television documentary on his childhood. David Schwimmer made out with a girl in public, possibly a ploy by her to get into the papers. (Success!) Disgraced Miss USA Tara Conner flirted with a bunch of male photo assistants at a cover shoot for New York Dog magazine, though her stint in rehab means she won’t actually be on the cover. The owner of Star Room in East Hampton set to open a branch in the Chelsea Hotel, described it as “elitist.” Bono got drunk in Utah. Mary-Louise Parker, dumped by Billy Crudup while pregnant, hung out with him at their son’s birthday party. Jessica Biel drinks water and champagne to stay pretty. Cindy Adams says Bryan Adams says he loves New York.