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  1. Chelsea Slasher Linked to Another Attack in the BronxThe suspect has 32 prior offenses. 
  2. tragedy
    Long Island Doctor, Mother of 3, Found Dead After Night Out in CityA Post source says the Manhasset dermatologist used cocaine that night with a Facebook pal.
  3. scary things
    Two Dead in Shooting at Chelsea Home Depot [Updated]An employee shot his manager before committing suicide.
  4. scary things
    Laurie Anderson Briefly Trapped in a Hyperbaric ChamberIt sounds like it was unpleasant. 
  5. very sad things
    Freak Garbage Truck Accident Kills Woman Trying to Save Her DogJust the worst.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Woman Taken Into Custody After Trying to Steal a Baby in ChelseaIt turns out this isn’t the first time.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Stolen Heineken Truck Also Contained VodkaThe thief has not been seen since.
  8. neighborhood news
    Coed Naked Yoga Is Coming to Chelsea Don’t get too excited.
  9. manhattan mini storage
    New Yorkers Suddenly Remember What Exactly They Had in Those Storage LockersNow that Hurricane Sandy flooded them. 
  10. dinosaurs
    Custody Battle Over $1 Million T-Rex Skeleton Comes to ChelseaThe Mongolian government wants it back.
  11. no sympathy
    Chelsea Resident Not Totally Thrilled to Live by the High LineOh no, tourists!
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Killers of Chelsea Man Extradited to New YorkPolice believe the crime was part of a tryst gone wrong. 
  13. real estate
    Hotel Chelsea to Stop Accepting ReservationsEnd of an era.
  14. post-modern love
    New York Sex Heat Map: ‘The Deeper Into Brooklyn You Go, the Kinkier People Get’Dating website OkCupid breaks down attractiveness, kinkiness, and selectivity — zip code by zip code.
  15. real estate
    Andre Balazs Trying to Buy the Hotel Chelsea?That could be interesting.
  16. excellent things
    ‘Kids Think Santa Claus Lives in Chelsea,’ So Adorable Couple ObligesChelsea couple makes kids’ Christmas wishes come true.
  17. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google’s $1.9 Billion Chelsea Office Building Sits on a Fiber-Optic HighwayThey paid in cash.
  18. unidentified flying objects
    UFOs in Chelsea?“Some people saw something described as yellow with blue lights surrounding it.”
  19. neighborhood news
    It’s Official: Gay Men’s Health Crisis to Move to 33rd StreetThe HIV/AIDS charity is getting new, bigger digs.
  20. walk-through
    Onyx Building Walk-Through: An Apartment That’s an Ode to New YorkA designer has turned the interior of her apartment into a reflection of the city around it.
  21. walk-through
    Walk-Through: Chelsea MansionA Chelsea rental with unusual amenities, antique light fixtures, and a rock-star pedigree.
  22. neighborhood news
    GMHC Co-Founder Larry Kramer Pivots Again on Charity’s Move Out of Chelsea “Electing to go ahead into this truly idiotic move is one of the great mysteries of the present moment.”
  23. scary things
    Woman Fights Off Rapist in Hotel in ChelseaHow’s this for scary?
  24. vu.
    Ruben Blades Buys in ChelseaYou may know him from Taxi TV. Now you’ll know him from Ninth Avenue.
  25. animanhattan
    The Coyotes Have Invaded ChelseaThis is beginning to be troublesome.
  26. neighborhood news
    Why Does High Line Park Director Robert Hammond Make More Than NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe?Is it because he’s cute, and the park is in Chelsea?
  27. neighborhood news
    High Line Park Stewards Hoping for Neighborhood TaxOwing to unexpected turnout, the popular ribbon of green needs some help.
  28. neighborhood news
    Standard Hotel Calls for Nude PhotosAndré Balazs’s hotel staff is encouraging people to have more public sex over the High Line.
  29. neighborhood news
    Anybody Skipping Work to See the High Line This Week?Not that we’re suggesting anything.
  30. neighborhood watch
    What If Park Slope and Chelsea Could Swap Lives for a Day?Like a neighborhood version of ‘Freaky Friday’!
  31. neighborhood watch
    Protected Bike Lane Perhaps Now Gay Enough for Chelsea Main DragEven though gay-bar owner ‘said he needed room for his trucks to unload deliveries at the bar.’ Hot nasty talk!
  32. developing
    NYC Real-Estate Developer Offers ‘Obama Contingency’The developers behind Chelsea’s condo building +aRT are offering an election special.
  33. real estate porn
    Inside Soledad O’Brien’s Chelsea LoftTake a video tour of the CNN anchor’s three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment.
  34. neighborhood watch
    Future Condos May Be Plagued by Embittered Ghosts of Gershwin, Emma GoldmanFive Chelsea buildings once making up part of famed Tin Pan Alley may be demolished.
  35. neighborhood watch
    A Greatest Depression Upside? The Antiques Garage Is Staying Open!The Chelsea institution was to close after Thanksgiving to make room for a hotel, but apparently it won’t.
  36. neighborhood watch
    The Queens Zoo Gets ‘Babydoll Lambs,’ We Are Smothered by Their CutenessLight, cheery news from Prospect Heights, Park Slope — even Queens and Staten Island. It’s Labor Day weekend, so the last boroughs report of summer doesn’t want to make you work too hard.
  37. neighborhood watch
    The Revenge of the Stoop PooperBehold the return of the Boerum Hill Stoop Pooper, the chilled-out raccoon of Brooklyn Heights, and the aggressive Kennedy Fried Chicken sign of Bedford Park. All in today’s boroughs report.
  38. in other news
    ‘Ritz-Carlton of Gentleman’s Clubs’ to Have Children’s Playground for a LobbyA vigilant Curbed reader notices something funny about the location of a planned luxury strip joint in Chelsea.
  39. neighborhood watch
    Jean Nouvel’s Chelsea Tower Over Budget, Behind ScheduleJesus is waiting for followers in Sunset Park, lenders are waiting for Damon Dash in Tribeca, cute kitties are waiting for homes in Kingsbridge… and today’s boroughs report is waiting for you to click through!
  40. neighborhood watch
    Murray Hill Graffiti — Touched (Inappropriately) By an Angel?A cheeky street artist quotes Saint Teresa of Ávila, a hot-dog cart explodes, and jazz decamps to Brooklyn — that, and more, in our daily borough roundup.
  41. neighborhood watch
    Chelsea to Get the ‘Ritz-Carlton of Gentleman’s Clubs’Will A-Rod really move to 15 CPW? Will we be able to watch strippers and eat steak and feel classy all at once in Chelsea? Tough questions abound in today’s boroughs report!
  42. neighborhood watch
    In the Rockaways, Safe Swimming Is a Luxury, Not a RightNasty razor teeth in Chelsea, bank-on-biker discrimination in Windsor Terrace, lifeguard inequality in the Rockaways … and other bad tidings to make you angry and anxious in today’s bitter boroughs report.
  43. neighborhood watch
    Is Victory Ford Coming Out With A Beer-Wench Line?’Lipstick Jungle’ films in the Flatiron district, and more dramatic news, in today’s boroughs report.
  44. neighborhood watch
    Astor Place to Get Slightly Less Life-ThreateningScruffles are playing in the streets in Jackson Heights. Gays are scared for their Vespas in Chelsea. Some other group of people is turning in its Uzis in Clinton Hill. And everybody is reading our daily boroughs report.
  45. neighborhood watch
    Red Hook Residents Already Groaning Over ‘Real World’ InvasionThe disingenuous denizens of Red Hook, the doomed views of the West 15th Street co-op dwellers, and the junk food–craving office gals of Long Island City, all wrapped up into our daily boroughs report like the contents of a vegan burrito!
  46. neighborhood watch
    Chelsea Hotel Bars Right to Peaceably AssembleIllegal and blatant fruit stands in Brooklyn Heights, Donatella in the Clock Tower building, and maybe even rats on a beach (awesome potential metal-band name, right?) in Staten Island: That wackness and more, in today’s neighborhood report.
  47. neighborhood watch
    Ikea Shuttle-Crisis Solved?Plus the sad old buildings of the Bowery and Gowanus, the ecoartist of Bushwick, and the developmentally disabled clown lovers of Staten Island, in our daily borough report.
  48. neighborhood watch
    ‘Ugly Betty’ Watch Begins!America and friends come to Dumbo, Betsey Johnson sells her Village penthouse and moves uptown, and the hipsters still haven’t taken over the Giglio Feast in W’burg. That and more in our daily boroughs report!
  49. neighborhood watch
    Dwarf Pimp Busted in Bed-StuyThe rides at Coney are reportedly dangerous, Malcolm Gladwell buys up more of the West Village, and a little person gets caught big pimpin’ in Bed-Stuy. Ho-hum, just the start of another week in our daily boroughs report.
  50. neighborhood watch
    The High Line: Now With Seating!The old Domino Sugar plant keeps its cool sign, the Village likely loses a theater save its façade, and the High Line gains its first bench! More wins and losses in today’s boroughs report.
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