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Chemical Weapons

  1. ukraine invasion
    Biden Warns Putin Will Pay ‘Severe Price’ for Using Chemical WeaponsThe administration has said that misinformation about a Ukraine bioweapons program could be used as pretext for an attack.
  2. Trump Administration Sanctions Russia for Spy Attack, After Rebuke From CongressIf Russia doesn’t make changes in 90 days, which is unlikely, U.S. law requires a second, harsher wave of penalties, which would end diplomatic ties.
  3. foreign policy
    U.S. and Allies Launch Airstrikes Against SyriaTrump said the strikes were meant to serve as a “strong deterrent” against the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.
  4. foreign policy
    Don’t Mistake Trump’s Airstrikes for a StrategyThe new round of “precision” strikes on Syria don’t lay the groundwork for anything but perpetual bombing runs.
  5. Will Syrians Pay for Trump’s Anger at Investigators?Maybe the U.S. should punish Syria for alleged chemical weapon attacks. But maybe the president considering that action should not be in a hate rage.
  6. Trump Promises Decision on Military Action Against Syria in Next Two DaysWe may see a repeat of last year’s largely ineffective air strikes.
  7. Israel Accused of Bombing Syrian Air Base After U.S. Denies InvolvementThough Trump said there would be a “big price to pay” for Assad’s apparent chemical attack, no country has claimed responsibility for the strike.
  8. Trump Attacks Putin by Name for First TimeAll it took was a horrifying chemical weapon attack.
  9. awful things
    Suspected Chemical Weapon Attack Kills Dozens in SyriaIt’s not yet clear if the U.S. will retaliate against the Assad regime again.
  10. Trump Expels 60 Russian Diplomats Over Nerve-Gas AttackIn response to Russia’s alleged poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain, Trump has shuttered Moscow’s consulate in Seattle.
  11. international affairs
    U.K. Diners May Have Been Exposed to Nerve Agent Used to Poison Russian SpyPatrons of two establishments in Salisbury have been asked to wash their clothes, though authorities say the risk is minimal.
  12. Report: Russia Knew of Assad’s Chemical Attack in AdvanceThe charge comes from a single senior U.S. official. If true, it could have grave implications for relations between Moscow and the West.
  13. just asking questions
    Why Did Syria Still Have Chemical Weapons?An arms-control expert looks at how a 2013 U.N. deal failed, and how Trump’s missile strike flips the calculus in a complex conflict.
  14. Russia Tries to Blame Syrian Rebels for Chemical Attack As the Death Toll RisesThe United States and Russia will be at odds in the United Nations Security Council meeting Wednesday.
  15. Spicer Blames Obama’s ‘Weakness’ for Assad’s Apparent Chemical AttackThe attack came days after the Trump administration indicated that it is comfortable with the Syrian dictator remaining in power.
  16. counter-terrorism
    DHS Will Test Bioterror Airflow in NYC SubwayNontoxic gases and particles will be released throughout the system this week in order to simulate a terrorist attack using a chemical or biological agent.
  17. Iraq Claims ISIS Used Chemical Weapons in AttackThankfully, no one was seriously injured.
  18. international affairs
    The United States Will Destroy Syria’s Chemical Weapons at SeaBecause no one else really wants to do it.
  19. que syria syria
    Assad Claims Rebels Have Confessed to Using Chemical WeaponsThey gave the evidence to Russia.
  20. international intrigue
    Experts Aren’t Entirely Convinced That Syria Crossed Obama’s ‘Red Line’Independent inspectors can’t enter the country.
  21. international affairs
    U.N. Hears Rebels, Not Syrian Military, Used Nerve GasSo what about that red line?