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    An Emoji-to-English Dictionary, As Translated by CherIn case you’ve ever wanted to know what the palm tree emoji really means in Cher-speak.
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    Gwyneth to Blame for a Skinny Scarlett?Apparently the actress and healthy-living guru had a hand in Miss Scarlett’s recent makeover.
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    Mickey Rourke Drank and Drugged to Quench the Fire InsideThat’s what Alec Baldwin said! Plus, Eva Amurri and Julianne Moore are putting themselves and others at risk. And a depressing Gary Coleman item that we put at the very bottom.
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    Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Finally Meet a Paparazzo They Don’t LikeThe two are scared away from Sam’s own birthday party by a group of photographers. Plus, gossip about Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Bill Clinton. America is the greatest country in the world!
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    Anderson Cooper Makes a Funny; We NoticeEarlier in the week, NBC News announced that Michael Douglas would be the voice you hear on many of their teasers and voice-overs. We didn’t think much of the news, but apparently someone did. “Damn that NBC Nightly News,” writes Anderson Cooper on his blog. “For about six months now we’ve been working on having someone with a very distinctive voice introduce 360 every night.” Anderson goes on to explain that he formed an “exploratory committee” that met in “a backroom at Michael’s” to discuss the issue. “Week after week, cobb salad after cobb salad, we argued over whose voice to use,” he explains. “Sometimes the discussions got very heated, and eventually we were asked not to return to Michael’s.” The silver fox continues: While we have not made a final decision, I thought I’d let you know about our four finalists, and if there is anyone else you think should be considered, please let us know. In no particular order, the four people we are considering hiring to introduce 360 every night are: Fran Drescher Clint Eastwood Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) Cher Personally, I’m arguing for Fran Drescher, but I’m keeping an open mind. Wow, so deadpan. And with a Cobb salad reference! After that whole “drunk girl” story he told on Live, we’re beginning to suspect that we could maybe be friends with Anderson. Like, not in the way we pretend to be friends with him, by sending reporters to ask him personal questions. But, like, real friends. Except, friends don’t let friends make jokes about Cher. In public, at least. Anderson’s View [CNN]
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    Amy Sacco Is Single AgainPaula Froelich sticks up for close friend
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    Junior Vasquez Loves Cher, Will Pass on Cyndi Lauper It’s New York’s 38th Gay Pride celebration this weekend, and even though the official dance is the one held on Pier 54 Sunday night, we thought we’d highlight a certain twelve-hour thump-a-thon occurring the night before. Why? Not only will it be one of the last big nights at that venerable gay mecca, the Roxy, before the structure is torn down next month, it’ll also be presided over by perhaps the biggest D.J. in Gotham history, Junior Vasquez, 57, who just happens to be a big old queen. Tim Murphy talked with Vasquez about the merits of Cher over Cyndi Lauper, today’s gay whippersnappers, and how you stay up all night when you’re no longer on crystal meth.
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    Gypsy-Tramp-Thieves Want to Turn Back Time Species: The Gypsy-Tramp- Thief Etymology: Gypsy-tramp-thieves ill- advisedly take their wardrobe cues from Cher. From vintage Cher, it’s true, but from Cher all the same. And you can’t turn back time. Distinguishing characteristics: GTTs relive the glory days when Cher was still paired up with Sonny. Remember when Cher dressed up like a fortune teller on the duo’s variety show? A GTT does. The silver bandana, puffy shirt, and Crayola-red lips can attest to that. A GTT lives in a world of fantasy, where high-waisted shorts seem a good idea. The superfluous belt adds a hippie flair — and unnecessary attention to her hips. GTTs’ great secret, of course, is that though they can’t style worth a damn, they do have great pieces. The shoes? We love ‘em. The socks? Really?