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  1. rage against the machines
    Who Will Save Us From the Russian Chess Robots?A robot grabbed and broke a kid’s finger during their chess match at a tournament in Moscow last week.
  2. Facebook Has Secret Games Hidden in Messenger — Here’s How to Play ThemSoccer, basketball, chess.
  3. intergalactic politics
    Chess Leader Steps Down Due to SanctionsThe U.S. may not have gotten rid of Assad yet, but the country’s sanctions did get rid of … this eccentric chess president who knows him.
  4. chess
    Bill Clinton Talked to Trump About GOP PoliticsThis happened months before the candidate tweeted that Hillary Clinton “knows Trump is her worst nightmare.”
  5. cruzin’ for a bruisin’
    Ted Cruz Might Not Know How to Set Up a Chess BoardOr maybe he is trying to send some kind of message.
  6. things that hopefully won’t make us sad
    Brooklyn School’s Famous Chess Program in Danger of GuttingAs part of $130 million in city childcare funding.
  7. white men with money
    Being Good at Chess May or May Not Make You RichHedge funds are the new chess club.
  8. libya zero hour
    Qaddafi’s Endgame: Was His Hyped Chess Game Faked?“He doesn’t look like he’s using his chess skills effectively.”
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    City Lures Chess Players Into Playground, Tickets Them for Being in PlaygroundCheck … mate.