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  1. chicago
    If Chicagoans Want to Recall Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Governor Won’t Stop ThemBut that’s probably illegal.
  2. Chicago Police Fatally Shoot College Student, Mother of 5Nineteen-year-old Quintonio Legrier was reportedly threatening his father with a baseball bat when police arrived on scene.
  3. chicago
    Despite Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Apology, Chicago Lawmakers Introduce Recall BillCalls for his ouster are intensifying, but ejecting him may prove difficult.
  4. chicago
    Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Is FiredMayor Rahm Emanuel asked Garry McCarthy to step down as the city grapples with the aftermath of the Laquan McDonald video.
  5. Chicago Cops Staged a Photograph Where a Black Man Was Posed As a Hunted AnimalOne cop is already in jail and the other was fired over the image. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says “good riddance.”
  6. windy city politics
    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wins Second Term in RunoffBeating Jesús “Chuy” Garcia, who hoped to become the city’s first Latino mayor.
  7. Will Rahm Win Today?Chicago gets to decide if it wants to keep Rahm Emanuel — again — and Ferguson has its first election since last summer.
  8. Rahm Emanuel Gets a Big Lead in the Polls Before Next Week’s ElectionBreaking: Incumbent has advantage.
  9. second city politics
    Rahm Emanuel Is Really Running Against HimselfHis abrasive mayoral style rubbed voters the wrong way, but he’s gaining ground in the upcoming runoff election.
  10. the city politic
    Is the de Blasio Revolution Coming to Chicago?Jesus “Chuy” Garcia has made income inequality a central platform in his campaign against incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a runoff election April 7.
  11. early and often
    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Forced Into Runoff Election He failed to win more than 50 percent of the vote in his reelection bid.
  12. weird things
    Chlorine-Gas Attack Interrupts Furry ConventionNineteen people had to go to the hospital.
  13. islamic state watch
    Illinois Teen Caught Trying to Join ISISHe was arrested at the airport.
  14. trumped!
    Donald Trump and Rahm Emanuel Fighting Over a Matter of TasteA downtown Chicago skyscraper currently sports a Trump stamp. 
  15. NYC Wooing Obama’s Presidential Library HardMayor de Blasio promises to fight for it.
  16. stand clear of the derailed train
    Train Operator in O’Hare Crash Fell Asleep, and It Wasn’t the First TimeShe just “closed her eyes” for a moment.
  17. stand clear of the derailed train
    Sleepiness Might Have Been a Factor in Train Crash at Chicago O’HareThe operator was reportedly “extremely tired” after working overtime.
  18. stand clear of the derailed train
    Runaway Train Takes the Escalator at Chicago O’HareThirty-two people were injured, none seriously.
  19. photo op
    Fallon and Emanuel Jump Into Lake MichiganFor a good cause!
  20. talking about the weather
    City-Slicker Polar Bears Can’t Hang With This Cold SnapChicago’s bear had to go inside.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two Charged in Chicago Park Shooting, 3-Year-Old Victim RecoveringBut the person who wounded thirteen people is still at large.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    13 Injured in Chicago Park Shooting, Including 3-Year-Old BoyIt appears to be gang-related.
  23. early and awkward
    Bill Daley Says He Can’t Handle Running for Governor of IllinoisThe politics vet wasn’t ready for the “enormity” of the race.
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chicago’s Bloody Weekend Starts a Nervous SummerForty-five shot, seven killed.
  25. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Credited With Defeating NRA-Backed Illinois DemocratHis $2.3 million wasn’t the only factor, but it helped.
  26. the world according to bloomberg
    Mayor Bloomberg Is Going After Pro-Gun Democrats His first target: Illinois’s Debbie Halvorson.
  27. things that are gross
    Someone Allegedly Just Up and Spit on a Secret Service AgentNot an occupational hazard we would have predicted.
  28. jailbreaks
    Real-Life Cartoon Jailbreak Involved Bedsheet RopeTwo inmates descended 15 stories on linen.
  29. politics
    Jesse Jackson Jr. Negotiating a Plea Deal, Could Face Jail TimeEither way, it looks like he will be giving up his Congressional seat. 
  30. early voting
    Early Voting Lines in Florida and Ohio Were Super Long Same with Illinois and Maryland.
  31. school’s out for forever
    Chicago Teachers Vote to End Strike, Avoiding Legal Showdown With Rahm EmanuelAnd an awkward situation for President Obama.
  32. school’s out for forever
    Chicago Teachers Refuse to Go Back to School, Rahm Emanuel Takes Them to CourtSorry, kids.
  33. terrorble
    Chicago Teenager Arrested in Bomb Plot Adel Daoud was planning to blow up a downtown bar. 
  34. school’s out for forever
    Romney Attacks Obama on Chicago Teachers StrikeRahm doesn’t give “two hoots” about this.
  35. school’s out for forever
    Chicago Teachers Go on Strike, City Tries to Occupy 350,000 KidsHours of “independent reading or writing” isn’t going to cut it.
  36. Now No One Will Ever Forget Where the Obamas Had Their First KissA 3,000-pound commemorative boulder and plaque were placed on the site. 
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    It’s Been a Bloody Summer of Shootings in New York City and ChicagoMichael Bloomberg and Rahm Emanuel have their hands full in explaining recent surges in gun violence.
  38. heists
    The Great Chicago Hair-Extension HeistIt’s sort of a trend. 
  39. international intrigue
    Obama Fails to Settle Pakistan Dispute at NATO SummitSupply lines remain closed.
  40. terrorble
    Three People Arrested in Alleged Chicago Terror PlotLinked to the NATO meeting.
  41. ink-stained wretches
    Writers at The Onion Refusing to Leave New York for ChicagoOnly five full-time editorial staffers have agreed to make the move with the company.
  42. politics
    Obama Pulls G8 Switcheroo on Chicago, ProtestersThe meeting will be at Camp David instead.
  43. photo op
    Giant Marilyn Monroe Now Playfully Flirting With All of ChicagoA 26-foot-tall statue was unveiled today.
  44. bons mots
    Rahm Emanuel: I Have One of Five Major Chief-Executive Jobs in the United StatesDon’t Tell Lloyd.
  45. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Wins Chicago Mayoral Race [Updated]Without even a runoff!
  46. rahmbo
    Rahm Emmanuel Thinks He Can Fix ChicagoAnd he’ll probably get the chance to try.
  47. chicagoland
    Chicago Mayor’s Race, ReshuffledRahm’s loss may be Carol Moseley Braun’s gain.
  48. early and awkward
    Rahm Emanuel Kicked Off Ballot, for NowDrama!
  49. the supremes
    Antonin Scalia Rules That Chicago Pizza Shall Be Known Henceforth As ‘Tomato Pie’Because it’s not pizza.
  50. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Makes It Onto the Ballot, for NowThe decision was immediately challenged.
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