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Chief Justice John Roberts

  1. impeachment
    Senate Republicans Want to Make Trump’s Impeachment Trial About the BidensRepublicans may prefer a show trial of Joe Biden and his son Hunter to a brief impeachment trial of President Trump.
  2. the law
    The Roberts Court Is Not So Terrible on Civil Rights After All The Fair Housing Act — passed in the wake of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination — survives its latest attack. 
  3. decisions decisions
    Chief Justice Roberts Saves Obamacare a Second TimeIn a 6-3 decision, he led the court in upholding subsidies in the health-care law.
  4. scotus
    Antonin Scalia Does Not Feel He Is ‘Cantankerous’“I express myself vividly.” 
  5. nicknames
    Justice John Roberts Now Known As ‘Wobbly Roberts’Say that three times. 
  6. John Roberts Writes His Own LawHow the chief justice alienated everybody.
  7. approval ratings
    Some People Like the Supreme Court Less This Week Than They Did Last WeekWhat could have happened?
  8. early and often
    The Roberts Court’s Legacy: Interest Group Spending Is Up and AnonymousThanks to the court’s decision, we know very little about one of the election’s biggest conservative spenders.