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Child Migrants

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    U.S. Border Arrests Hit All-Time HighAbout 1.7 million migrants were detained while attempting to cross into the U.S. over the last 12 months.
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    U.S. Expands Holding Facilities for Unaccompanied Migrant ChildrenChild migrants in U.S. custody are reportedly facing overcrowded conditions as hundreds more arrive at the border on a daily basis.
  3. Report: Obama Administration Handed Child Migrants Over to Human TraffickersA Senate report finds that the federal government failed to conduct background checks on adults entrusted with the care of child migrants.
  4. The Obama Administration’s New Deportation Plan Could Be a Headache for ClintonA plan to deport hundreds of Central American families could put the Democratic front-runner between Barack and a hard place.
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    DHS Chief: ‘Worst Is Over’ in Border CrisisSounds like good news to us.
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    Honduran Minors May Be Allowed to Apply to Enter the U.S. From HomeHopefully, they’d be less likely to cross the border illegally.
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    Congressman Explains Some Border Minors Are Gang Members, ‘Not Children’They’re from a culture of “thievery … of murder, of rape.”
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    U.S. Flies First Planeload of Mothers and Children Back to Honduras“This is just the initial wave.”