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  1. just asking questions
    What the Hell Is Going on in Chile? A Protester Explains.With 20 people dead and the military in the streets, South America’s wealthiest nation grapples with extreme inequality — and it’s own history.
  2. international affairs
    Everything You Need to Know About the Global Protest WaveFrom Lebanon to Chile, demonstrators are taking to the streets to demand changes from their governments.
  3. photos
    Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Is Erupting for the First Time in More Than 4 DecadesPhotos of the eruption in southeastern Chile.
  4. very bad things
    At Least 7 Injured by Santiago, Chile Metro BombOfficials are treating it as a terrorist attack.
  5. scary things
    Massive Earthquake Off the Coast of Chile Sparks TsunamiKilling at least five people.
  6. scary things
    Strong Earthquake Shakes Central ChileChileans fled for higher ground.
  7. mine over matter
    Rescue Drill Reaches Trapped Chilean MinersYay.
  8. mine under matter
    Trapped Chilean Miners Finally Get Their CigarettesTwo packs a day.
  9. mine under matter
    Chilean Miners’ Request for Wine and Cigarettes DeniedThey get patches and nicotine gum instead.
  10. mine under matter
    Chilean Miners Might Not Get Paid While They’re Trapped UndergroundHow will the workers get paid if the mining company declares bankruptcy?
  11. chile
    Trapped Miners in Chile Are Alive and ‘Well’The 33 miners have been trapped for seventeen days.
  12. photo op
    Hillary Clinton: Master of Disguise, DiplomacyIs there nothing she can’t do?
  13. earthquakes
    Looting Commences in Chile As Death Toll RisesPolice use tear gas to disperse looters.
  14. earthquakes
    Aftershocks Continue in Chile As Tsunami Threat EndsThe death toll has surpassed 400.
  15. earthquakes
    Chile Rocked by 8.8 Magnitude EarthquakeThat’s a thousand times stronger than the 7.0 quake that hit Haiti last month.