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  1. plagued
    Why You Shouldn’t Be Panicking About Pneumonia OutbreaksThe reemergence of childhood pneumonia and mycoplasma pneumonia in China and elsewhere is no COVID-like crisis but a return to post-pandemic normal.
  2. gaffin’ newsom
    Gavin Newsom Steamrolls Little Kid During Trip to ChinaSay what you will about Nixon, but he never tackled a little kid in a game of basketball on his visit to Beijing.
  3. just asking questions
    Will China’s Economic Slump Be Contagious?Brad Setser, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, on how to interpret grim news from the world’s second-biggest economy.
  4. on with kara swisher
    Oliver Stone on the Need for a Nuclear-Powered WorldKara Swisher talks with the filmmaker about his new documentary, radioactive myths, Big Oil, and dystopia fatigue.
  5. what we know
    Leaked Pentagon Documents: What We KnowThe chief of the Kremlin-backed Wagner Group mercenaries allegedly offered to provide Russian troop locations to Ukraine.
  6. early and often
    The Biden Administration Just Declared the Death of NeoliberalismThe White House has called for a “new Washington consensus.” Can it become a reality?
  7. the money game
    Europe’s Top Central Banker Paints Bleak Picture of West in DeclineChristine Lagarde has endorsed a controversial take that the U.S. is no longer the world’s only superpower and the future is “multipolar.”
  8. plagued
    Was It the Raccoon Dog All Along?What to make of the latest evidence suggesting COVID had a natural — not laboratory — origin.
  9. foreign interests
    Saudi Arabia and Iran’s China-Brokered Détente Doesn’t Upend Mideast PoliticsThe deal may complicate foreign policy in the region, but it doesn’t mark a changing of the guard from the U.S. to China.
  10. on with kara swisher
    Richard Haass on America’s Relationship Problems With ChinaKara Swisher talks with the Council on Foreign Relations president about Biden’s spy-balloon-size missed opportunity.
  11. spy balloons
    Biden Says Unidentified Objects U.S. Shot Down Were Not Spy BalloonsTurns out U.S. fighter planes were probably just taking out some airborne garbage.
  12. military industrial complex
    Understanding the UFO WarWhy the United States Air Force is suddenly blasting away at unidentified objects.
  13. what we know
    Why Is U.S. Airspace Suddenly a UFO Shooting Gallery? UpdatesWe still don’t know much about the three unidentified objects the U.S. shot down over the weekend.
  14. just asking questions
    Does China’s Spy Balloon Mean We’re in a New Cold War?Analyst Robert Daly on how tit-for-tat provocations could lead to catastrophe.
  15. foreign interests
    Trump Is Too Tough on Balloons to Be AntiwarThe ex-president is simultaneously slamming Biden for insufficient toughness on China and casting himself as a peace candidate.
  16. what we know
    U.S. Recovery of Alleged Spy Balloon Continues: UpdatesChina claimed on Monday that a second similar balloon seen over Latin America last week was also just a wayward civilian craft.
  17. just asking questions
    What Could a Chinese Spy Balloon Over the U.S. Do, Exactly?Arms-control expert Jeffrey Lewis examines whether the Chinese spy ship over the West is an accident or a geopolitical middle finger.
  18. lost in translation
    The Spy Who Wasn’tBaimadajie Angwang wanted a visa for his daughter. He got charged with being an “insider threat” instead.
  19. chinese democracy
    The Radical, Lonely, Suddenly Shocking Life of Wang JuntaoAfter half a century of resisting the Chinese Communist Party, a dissident confronts murder and espionage in Queens.
  20. foreign interests
    China’s Economic Model Is in Crisis (and Xi Knows It)COVID exacerbated the imbalances in China’s economy. But the Chinese Communist Party hasn’t found the political will to correct them.
  21. on with kara swisher
    Ian Bremmer on How Putin, Xi, and Elon Musk Are AlikeIn this episode of On With Kara Swisher, Kara talks to the Eurasia Group president about global risks and strongman weaknesses.
  22. just asking questions
    What It’s Like in China As Everyone Gets COVIDDarin Friedrichs, a market analyst based out of Shanghai, on daily life amid a chaotic policy shift.
  23. foreign interests
    A Stunning Wave of Protests Has Erupted in China Over Its Zero-COVID PoliciesDemonstrations against COVID restrictions — and the government — took place in numerous cities across mainland China over the weekend.
  24. foreign interests
    Biden’s New Cold War Against China Could BackfireThe U.S. is now officially committed to thwarting China’s development goals. That comes with big risks.
  25. foreign affairs
    Protester Dragged Into U.K. Chinese Consulate and BeatenThe man, who was demonstrating against Xi Jinping, had to be extricated by a British police officer.
  26. just asking questions
    What on Earth Is China’s COVID Strategy Now?Nancy Qian on why the country is sticking to its quixotic and damaging attempt to stamp out the virus.
  27. foreign interests
    The Dismantling of Hong KongSince 2019, my hometown has slowly transformed into a brutal, unrecognizable place. Then came Omicron.
  28. foreign interests
    Biden Says U.S. Will Defend Taiwan Against China — or Maybe NotThe president’s comment indicated an aggressive change in policy. The White House quickly walked it back.
  29. covid-19
    Locked Down in ShanghaiTwo residents describe a city coming apart at the seams.
  30. foreign interests
    Why China Probably Won’t Send Military Aid to RussiaBeijing has an interest in helping Putin — in ways that don’t expose it to the threat of western sanctions.
  31. the money game
    ‘Buy the Dip’ Goes BustFrom Wall Street to r/WallStreetBets, traders find their pandemic strategy doesn’t work anymore.
  32. politics
    Is Peter Thiel Trying to Buy a Fight With China?The tech billionaire turned GOP megadonor is betting big on candidates who happen to be China hawks.
  33. politics
    A Guide to Congress’s Jam-Packed FebruaryDemocrats’ to-do list includes salvaging Build Back Better, reforming election laws, and avoiding a shutdown — and they know time is running out.
  34. our climate
    The World Can’t Go Green and Nuclear FreeNuclear energy is the only existing non-carbon technology that can compensate for renewables’ liabilities.
  35. finance
    Chamath Palihapitiya Is ‘Not Even Sure That China Is a Dictatorship’When the VC downplayed Uighur oppression on a podcast, he didn’t mention his deep business ties to China.
  36. china
    Peng Shuai Not at All Suspiciously Recants AccusationsSurely this will assuage everyone’s concerns, right?
  37. pivot
    Will China Really Face a Corporate Reckoning in 2022?Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher are skeptical that much will change in big business’s relationship to an increasingly authoritarian state.
  38. foreign policy
    U.S. Announces Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing OlympicsAmerican athletes will still be able to compete, but no U.S. delegation will attend in an effort to call out China’s human rights abuses.
  39. peng shuai
    Women’s Tennis Suspends Tournaments in China Over Treatment of Peng ShuaiThe WTA president said he doubted that doubles star Peng Shuai was “safe and not subject to censorship” following her sexual-assault allegation.
  40. self-censorship
    Jamie Dimon Quickly Backtracks on Mild China JokeHe needs to stay on the country’s good side, and Xi Jinping isn’t known for his sense of humor.
  41. sports
    Women’s Tennis Had to Stand Up to ChinaOther sports could get away without direct confrontation. Peng Shuai feels like a turning point.
  42. china
    IOC Says Missing Chinese Tennis Star Peng Shuai Told Them She’s SafeShe hadn’t been seen in public since accusing a former government official of sexual assault — prompting international concern about her welfare.
  43. china
    Missing Chinese Tennis Player ‘Sends’ Very Disconcerting EmailPeng Shuai accused a prominent politician of sexual assault. Now, nobody knows where she is.
  44. china
    Xi Jinping’s Cult of Personality Gets a Big BoostThe increasingly autocratic leader will probably be in charge for a long time.
  45. sports
    Boston Celtics Games Blocked in China After Kanter Calls for a ‘Free Tibet’In a nearly three-minute video, Kanter called Xi Jinping a “brutal dictator” and called for Tibetan independence.
  46. nuclear arms race
    China Tested a Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile: ReportThe weapon is harder to track and destroy than a ballistic missile.
  47. taiwan
    U.S. Troops Have Reportedly Been in Taiwan for Over a YearThe U.S military is reportedly training Taiwanese forces as China encroaches closer to the island’s airspace.
  48. the money game
    What Can the U.S. Learn from China’s Crackdown on Crypto?“It’s telling that the world’s most robust economy says, ‘Big tech is a danger and we need prevent what has happened in America from happening here.’”
  49. the money game
    Why Trouble at a Chinese Real-Estate Company Led to a U.S. Stock Market PlungeWall Street seems to be wrapping its head around just how fast things are changing in Xi’s China. Evergrande’s woes are emblematic of those changes.
  50. explainer
    What Is China Doing to the Uighurs in Xinjiang?Beijing claims it’s merely fighting extremism. But it’s been accused of committing atrocities against the Muslim minority group, including genocide.
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