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  1. company town
    Just in Time for ‘Times’ McCain Scuffle, ‘Time’ Editor Says Papers Shouldn’t Endorse CandidatesMEDIA • What is the New York Police Department’s policy for awarding press credentials? Journalists wonder the same thing. [NYT] • Time managing editor Rick Stengel ponders why newspapers endorse political candidates at a time when news consumers doubt the objectivity of the media. [Time] • Details of the deal that Newsweek struck with George W. Bush’s former brain have emerged: It’s a two-year, sixteen-column contract. [NYO]
  2. in other news
    ‘Post’ Has (Chow) Fun With Words!“Egg Foo Gun” was Monday’s Post headline on a story about a gun smuggled into a hospital in a Chinese-food carton. In today’s follow-up, the paper reports that “the moo goo gai gun was found by another cop before any hot-and-sour beef could erupt.” And it’s a good thing, we realized, that the firearm was found before anything bad happened — we’re thus spared the tale of a kung pow being heard from the crab ran-gun, the start of a potential mu shootout. The last thing this city needs is more terror-yaki. — Lori Fradkin Egg Foo Gun [NYP] ‘Dopey’ Inmate Busted [NYP]