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  1. the national interest
    Republicans Are Furious Fast-Food Workers Are Getting a RaiseIt’s almost as if they object to any outcome that gives low-wage workers more money.
  2. buyer’s market
    Chipotle Wins by Removing ‘Friction’ — Human Contact — From Your ExperienceIt’s very excited about its mobile-order drive-through concept, called “Chipotlane.”
  3. long vs short
    Long Vs. Short: Is Chipotle a Healthy Investment?The stock has doubled in the past year — but the shadows of past PR disasters linger.
  4. select all
    Please, Don’t Do This With Your ChipotleDon’t ask a Chipotle employee to package all your ingredients individually. Just don’t do it.
  5. select all
    Why You Shouldn’t Tweet Your Chipotle CouponThe heist of the century.
  6. early and often
    Jeb Bush Eats Pie, Answers Questions About ChipotleHe made a jab at Hillary over her legendary burrito run.
  7. 2016
    The Press Isn’t Asking Enough Questions About Hillary’s Trip to ChipotleWe know so little.
  8. extra guac
    Another Politician Exploits America’s Love of Chipotle for VotesShe had a chicken burrito bowl. 
  9. photo op
    Obama Leans Over Chipotle Sneeze Guard, Infuriates NationThat’s gross, Mr. President.
  10. vu.
    Chipotle Owner Pays Extra for the Guacamole of West Village Real EstateSteven Ells has dropped over $30 million on amazing homes in the area.