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  1. tremendous content
    Why I Support Chris Christie’s (Doomed) 2024 Presidential BidWill he be president? No. Should he be president? Probably not. But we’re going to have a lot of fun before he crashes and burns once again.
  2. early and often
    Chris Christie Is Running. What Is He Even Thinking?The former governor is unpopular both nationally and in New Jersey, and bombed against Trump in 2016. Nevertheless, he’s launching a 2024 bid today.
  3. early and often
    2016 Loser Chris Christie Thinks He Could Destroy TrumpThe former New Jersey governor reportedly thinks he’s the Republican who can stop Trump’s 2024 bid — despite already losing to him badly.
  4. the national interest
    Chris Christie and the Death of the Never Trump Republican“The line of supporting Donald Trump starts behind me!”
  5. politics
    Chris Christie Is Asking for ItIn a bad echo of the last Republican primary, the former New Jersey governor seems to be picking a fight with Trump that he will lose.
  6. supreme court
    Supreme Court Reverses Convictions of Bridgegate SchemersThe payback traffic jam that wound up obstructing Chris Christie’s path to the White House was bad, but not a federal crime.
  7. vision 2020
    Debate Infighting Won’t Kill Democrats’ Chances in NovemberUntil Democrats argue about their genitals, there’s a long way down to the behavior Republicans modeled before winning everything in 2016.
  8. politics
    Chris Christie Dishes About Jared Kushner Beef in New BookIn new book, Chris Christie says Kushner isn’t over Christie’s role in prosecuting Kushner’s father for blackmailing his brother with a sex tape.
  9. vision 2020
    Why Chris Christie Is a Cautionary Tale for 2020 HopefulsThere are lessons in his story for Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and others considering a White House Run.
  10. 2020 presidential election
    Warning to Beto-Maniacs: Early Presidential Buzz Can Be an Omen or an IllusionBeto O’Rourke is looking very good as a 2020 presidential prospect. But others have looked just as good and have quickly flamed out or failed to run.
  11. Chris Christie Sticks It to New Jersey One Last Time With Pricey PortraitThe ex-governor’s official portrait will cost three times more than the last three gubernatorial portraits combined.
  12. Zinke Says Florida Got Offshore-Drilling Exemption Because Governor Asked NicelyNow the Interior secretary is being bombarded by not-so-polite requests from state lawmakers of both parties.
  13. Chris Christie’s Hard-Earned Unpopularity Is His Most Enduring LegacyChris Christie thinks the failure of his presidential campaign tanked his popularity back home. It’s more like the other way around.
  14. Chris Christie Didn’t Fetch McDonald’s for Donald Trump. Or Did He?An ex–Trump aide made up the story to embarrass the governor.
  15. Menendez Has Run Out the Clock on GOP Fantasies of Picking Up a Senate SeatSenator Robert Menendez may or may not be acquitted of corruption charges. But it will be too late for Chris Christie to appoint a successor.
  16. New Jersey Election Preview: Dems Quietly on the Road to a Unified GovernmentThe intense unpopularity of both Chris Christie and Donald Trump in New Jersey made a Democratic victory this year inevitable.
  17. Race-Baiting 2017 GOP Campaigns Could Infect the 2018 ElectionsThe racist campaigns the GOP is running in Virginia and New Jersey could spread everywhere next year.
  18. First N.H. Poll for 2020 Shows Trump Looking VulnerableIn a way-early 2020 N.H. primary poll, nobody’s challenging Sanders and Biden among Democrats, and Trump looks potentially vulnerable to a challenge.
  19. Will the Most Unpopular Governor in America Appoint Himself to the Senate?It would take a long combination of events, but, yes, Chris Christie could possibly arrange a Senate seat for himself. Voters are not enthused.
  20. Christie and Bannon Can’t Agree on Whose Trump Team Ouster Was More HumiliatingAfter Bannon claimed he put Christie in his “little black book,” the New Jersey governor said Bannon is just milking his “last 15 minutes of fame.”
  21. You May Soon See a Lot More of Chris Christie on TVThe outgoing New Jersey governor is reportedly in talks with both CNN and MSNBC.
  22. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Didn’t Lose Potential Sports-Radio Job, He QuitFollowing a report that WFAN isn’t interested in having him replace Mike Francesa, Christie countered that he took himself out of the running.
  23. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Confronts Heckler, Doesn’t Drop a Single NachoHe’s had some experience yelling at “big shots” while handling snack foods.
  24. summer of hell
    Plan for Fancy Light Shows on Bridges Jeered in City Where Subways Don’t WorkThe dismal state of the MTA is becoming a real problem for Andrew Cuomo.
  25. Trump Dropped Christie Over Cell-Phone Germs, or Maybe All the Other ProblemsA new book claims Trump didn’t want to use the governor’s phone for his congratulatory call from Obama.
  26. Bridgegate ‘Mastermind’ David Wildstein Escapes Jail TimeDavid Wildstein, who was the star witness for the prosecution of former Christie aides, is sentenced to three years probation for the traffic scheme.
  27. Lawmaker Trolls Christie With Bill Allowing Public to Rent Beach HouseOne Democrat in Trenton wants to make sure Beachgate stays in the news.
  28. Chris Christie Auditioning for WFAN Sports Talk-Radio Gig Next WeekCan Chris from Trenton replace Mike Francesa, the Sports Pope?
  29. jesus christie
    New Jersey’s Government Shutdown Is Over, But We’ll Always Have BeachgateChristie refused to apologize for the photos, saying, “I think my poll numbers show that I don’t care about optics.”
  30. Christie’s Lieutenant Governor Rips His Day at the Beach: ‘It’s Beyond Words’With her eye on the governorship, Kim Guadagno is running from her boss as fast as she can.
  31. jesus christie
    Christie Beachgate Twitter Is Almost As Fun As Lounging on a Closed State BeachLet them eat sand.
  32. the garden state
    Christie Staying at Governor’s Beach House in Closed Park During State ShutdownChristie claimed he “didn’t get any sun” personally, but photos show him sitting on the beach with his family.
  33. new jersey
    Christie Shuts Down New Jersey Government, State Beaches and Parks ClosedThanks to a budget standoff, we’ll soon find out if the governor’s 15 percent approval rating can drop any lower.
  34. The Democrats’ Losing Streak Will Likely End in NovemberThe party needs a win in a nationally significant and competitive contest. There is still hope this year.
  35. Chris Christie on His Record-Low Approval Rating: ‘Who Cares?’“You guys care much more about that stuff than I do,” he told reporters.
  36. select all
    Twitter Explains ‘Normal New York City Conversation’ to Trump and ChristieChris Christie categorized Trump’s strange comments to James Comey as “normal New York City conversation.”
  37. Christie Defends Trump’s Comey Convos As ‘Normal New York City’ TalkAs governor of New Jersey, he would know.
  38. Trump Nominates Christopher Wray for FBI DirectorWray is a former assistant attorney general — and was Chris Christie’s attorney during the “Bridgegate” scandal.
  39. Front-runners Murphy and Guadagno Win New Jersey Gubernatorial PrimaryDemocrat Phil Murphy drowned his primary opponents in money, and begins the general election as the favorite over Christie protégé Kim Guadagno.
  40. New Jersey’s Forgotten Governor’s RacePrimary voting in the contest to replace Chris Christie takes place on Tuesday — not that it’s getting much notice.
  41. breakfast
    Christie and Cuomo Have Discreet Breakfast Meeting at New Jersey DinerWhat were they chatting about “huddled at the back” of the Tick Tock?
  42. Eli Manning Denies Faking Memorabilia, Won’t Respond to Chris Christie Jab“I can’t get concerned with that,” he said of the N.J. governor baiting him on sports radio.
  43. Chris Christie Will Head Up White House Opioid CommissionIt will fall under Jared Kushner’s new office, but Christie says things won’t be tense at all.
  44. Joe Piscopo Could Be New Jersey GOP’s Best Hope to Succeed Chris ChristieThere are many reasons the GOP is in trouble in off-year elections in New Jersey, but there will likely be competitive primaries in both parties.
  45. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Brags That Trump Made Him Eat Meatloaf at the White HouseEveryone else ordered from the menu, but the president said, “Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.”
  46. Chris Christie Says He’d Be Working for Trump If Not for His WifeMary Pat Christie refused to move to D.C., so her husband refused to take a job there.
  47. Get a Load of Chris Christie’s Fantasy for Saving the Trump AdministrationThe New Jersey governor is still dreaming big.
  48. jesus christie
    New Jersey Lawmakers Won’t Let Christie Strike Book Deal, Get ‘Revenge’ on PressRepublicans and Democrats turned against bills that would have raised government salaries and cut a significant revenue stream for newspapers.
  49. Everybody Hates Chris ChristieTh New Jersey governor has the lowest rating ever in a Quinnipiac University poll.
  50. Jared Kushner Thought Bridgegate Was ‘Badass’He gave the mastermind behind the plot an attaboy in a recently reported email.
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