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  1. Get a Load of Chris Christie’s Fantasy for Saving the Trump AdministrationThe New Jersey governor is still dreaming big.
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    New Jersey Lawmakers Won’t Let Christie Strike Book Deal, Get ‘Revenge’ on PressRepublicans and Democrats turned against bills that would have raised government salaries and cut a significant revenue stream for newspapers.
  3. Everybody Hates Chris ChristieTh New Jersey governor has the lowest rating ever in a Quinnipiac University poll.
  4. Jared Kushner Thought Bridgegate Was ‘Badass’He gave the mastermind behind the plot an attaboy in a recently reported email.
  5. Christie Wonders Why People Thought He Wasn’t Going to Finish Gubernatorial Term“The only thing I said that I would consider doing was, would he consider me for vice-president, and he selected, you know, Governor Pence.”
  6. Christie Reportedly Fired From Trump Transition for Hogging Camera, Not WorkingThe governor of New Jersey favored lobbyists, too, which angered Trump.
  7. Sad Chris Christie Votes Under Cover of Predawn Darkness“I always vote in the morning.”
  8. Trump Reportedly Lining Up Giuliani and Gingrich for CabinetWho’s ready for Secretary of State Gingrich and Attorney General Giuliani?
  9. Chris Christie Nixes Trump Campaign Stops After Bridgegate VerdictThe New Jersey governor and head of Trump’s transition team is apparently laying low the weekend before Election Day.
  10. After the Bridgegate Verdict, Chris Christie Comes Off As the Guiltiest of AllHe may not have been on trial, but the verdict almost assuredly ends his political career for good.
  11. the national interest
    Bridgegate Would Have Destroyed a Normal CandidacyFive reasons why it shows we’re all living in Trump’s insane world now.
  12. Former Christie Allies Found Guilty on All Counts in Bridgegate TrialBridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, a Christie appointee at the Port Authority.
  13. The Bridgegate Trial Has Destroyed What Was Left of Christie’s ReputationThat doesn’t necessarily mean the defendants will be acquitted, though.
  14. Chris Christie Will Appear in Court Over BridgegateA citizen’s complaint resulted in a summons that’s bringing Christie in front of the judge.
  15. Chris Christie Says Trump Tape Is ‘Completely Indefensible’“I was really disturbed and disappointed.”
  16. Bridgegate Trial: Wildstein Is a Flawed Accuser, But His Story Never WaveredThe defense painted the key witness as a habitual liar, but he’s been consistent about the plot he concocted.
  17. The Moment Chris Christie Allegedly Learned About Bridgegate“I remember the quote: ‘The governor is going to love this,’” David Wildstein testified in court Tuesday.
  18. The Mastermind of Bridgegate Takes the StandChristie’s “bad cop,” David Wildstein, on career opportunities and the “dead-to-me gene.”
  19. Trump Stands by Christie Despite Alleged Knowledge of Bridge ClosingsEven if Christie knew, Trump doesn’t care.
  20. Bridgegate Opening Statements: Chris Christie KnewGovernment prosecutors and multiple defendants all point fingers at the governor.
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    The Former High School Classmate Who Could Take Chris Christie DownDavid Wildstein, Bridgegate, and the trial that could wreck the governor for good.
  22. Trump Hopes to Purge Civil Service of DemocratsIn an audio recording obtained by Reuters, Chris Christie tells donors that Trump would cleanse the civil service of liberals while allowing active CEOs to serve in his administration.
  23. it’s the economy
    What Trump Backers Really Want From the EconomyIt’s not about balanced budgets or limited government.
  24. It’s Official: Donald Trump Names Mike Pence As His Running MateOn Twitter, Trump confirms that the Indiana governor will be joining his ticket.
  25. On VP Choice, Trump Torn Between Mr. Right and a Pair of Bad BoysTrump’s advisers see Indiana governor Mike Pence as the best, safest choice. But the mogul wants a “fighter skilled in hand-to-hand combat” — like Gingrich or Christie.
  26. Reports: Trump Vetting Chris Christie for VP/White House ButlerThe New Jersey governor has an approval rating of 26 percent. Trump may not have a better option.
  27. Report: Chris Christie Reduced to Fetching Donald Trump’s McDonald’s OrdersSad!
  28. early and often
    Trump Holds Fundraiser for Chris ChristieAnd teases him about eating Oreos.
  29. the national circus
    The Trump vs. Clinton Game Is on for NovemberGet ready for the GOP’s self-proclaimed “presumptive nominee” to begin a new phase of anti-Hillary attacks. 
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    Donald Trump Adds to His Collection of Former Rivals’ Campaign ManagersHe’s up to three.
  31. Chris Christie Defends the Way He Eats M&MsChris Christie is doing fine, and he’d appreciate it if America stopped asking.
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    Chris Christie’s Signed Gym Shorts for Sale on eBayMusty.
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    Trump Rewards Christie’s Obedience by Mocking Him to His FaceYes sir, he would like another.
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    Chris Christie Excited About Upcoming Vacation/Political Suicide MissionThe governor is heading out of state with NJ Transit facing a devastating strike.
  35. early and often
    How Trump Is Making This Liberal Feel Strangely ConservativeI am suddenly more concerned about the dignity of the country than I’d ever imagined myself to be.
  36. Chris Christie: Donald Trump Is Not Holding Me HostageWhen asked about his pained expressions Tuesday night, Christie says exactly what you’d expect a hostage to say.
  37. 6 New Jersey Newspapers Called for Chris Christie’s Resignation“We’re fed up with his long neglect of the state to pursue his own selfish agenda.”
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    Twitter Rallies Around Donald Trump Hostage Chris ChristieHis mouth said Trump will be president, but his eyes said “send help.”
  39. Trump’s Scarily Good General-Election ArgumentIn an oddly low-energy speech, Trump revealed an incisive line of attack against Hillary Clinton.
  40. the national interest
    Donald Trump, Chris Christie, and the Art of the DealA marriage made in northeastern-Republican-bully heaven.
  41. Christie Endorses Trump, and They Sing a Duet of Contempt for RubioA big endorsement throws a discordant note into the songs of praise Rubio is collecting today after Thursday night’s carnivorous debate performance.
  42. New Jersey Bully Chris Christie Endorses New York Bully Donald TrumpHuge.
  43. Chris Christie Ends His Presidential CampaignTime for less traffic in the Establishment lane.
  44. Chris Christie, the Second-Best Bully of the GOP FieldThe New Jersey governor’s run is probably coming to a close.
  45. It’s Officially Do-or-Die Time for Rubio’s Establishment RivalsSaturday night’s debate may be the last chance for Bush, Kasich, and Christie to survive “winnowing.”
  46. Christie Launches Rare Attack From Left on RubioWith his candidacy hanging by a thread, he’s doing something GOP candidates try to avoid.
  47. The Hellish Gridlock of the GOP’s ‘Establishment Lane’Something’s got to give — and New Hampshire is supposed to provide the shakeout. But will it?
  48. Fox News GOP Debate: Nobody Won So Everyone Lost (Except Trump!)The candidates in a position to make a big move stood still, while those gumming up the works did relatively well. 
  49. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Stands Up for Unhealthy School LunchesHe told an 11-year-old, “I don’t care what you’re eating for lunch every day, I really don’t.”
  50. over the river
    Christie Talks Foreign Policy and Ball-BreakingThe New Jersey governor also told a reporter, “No one will break my balls like you do.”
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