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  1. gop resignations
    NY Republican Collins Resigns While Pleading Guilty to Insider-Trading ChargesCollins was in trouble in both the primary and the general election, but his very Trumpy district should be safe for some other Republican.
  2. president trump
    Trump: DOJ Shouldn’t Have Indicted Republicans So Close to an ElectionIf you’re looking for some blatant corruption in your presidential tweets, this will do nicely.
  3. 2018 elections
    California GOP Congressman Indicted for Personal Use of Campaign FundsOne of Trump’s allies, Hunter’s misuse of funds — for video games, dentistry, and a plane ticket for a pet rabbit — puts a safe GOP seat in jeopardy.
  4. Despite Indictment, There’s a Good Chance That Chris Collins Will Be ReelectedInsider-trading charges might not be enough to flip New York’s reddest district, but they could boost Democrats’ midterm message on GOP corruption.
  5. the national interest
    The Whole Republican Party Seems to Be Going to Jail NowIt’s been the most corrupt 24 hours of Trump’s administration yet.
  6. ethics
    House Ethics Office: ‘Substantial Reason’ to Think Collins Broke the LawThe panel found issues with the New York Republican’s efforts to promote a biotech company he is invested in.
  7. GOP Lawmakers Bought Health-Insurance Stocks While Advancing TrumpcareCongressman Mike Conaway’s family bought stock in UnitedHealth the same day that a bill repealing Obamacare’s taxes on insurers advanced in committee.
  8. GOP Congressman Loses $17 Million on Biotech StockChris Collins got House Republicans discounted shares in a biotech firm. Now he’s facing an ethics investigation, and the stock has plummeted.
  9. Senate Bill Includes ‘Buffalo Bribe,’ Shifting County Medicaid Costs to New YorkInclusion of this House deal in the Senate bill shows McConnell playing the long game. But it could encourage shakedowns by fence-sitting senators.
  10. Will GOP Punish California and New York by Killing Their Favorite Tax Deduction?Conservatives hate the federal deduction for state and local income tax. But killing it might annoy Empire State Republicans, including the president.
  11. GOP Congressman Sings Praises of Imaginary, Immigrant-Friendly Donald TrumpChris Collins explains that when Trump says he wants to “deport” 12 million undocumented immigrants,” what he really means is “give them all legal status.”
  12. Paladino to NY GOP: Endorse Donald Trump or ElseCarl Paladino has been threatening New York Republicans with primary challenges if they don’t get on the Trump train.
  13. Donald Trump Wins His First Congressional EndorsementsIt begins.
  14. early and awkward
    Prospective Governor Compares Sheldon Silver to HitlerAnd called him the Antichrist. It was a really good joke.