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  1. on with kara swisher
    Chris Cuomo Wants to Move Forward. Can He?Kara Swisher has a long, frank talk with the former CNN anchor about the scandals that got him fired, his brother, and if his comeback will pan out.
  2. stop the presses
    The Mystery Behind the Zucker ShockerHis office romance has been an open secret for years. So why is he really leaving?
  3. cnn
    Chris Cuomo and Jeff Zucker Speak OutCNN’s president hired the star in one of his first big moves at the network, then was forced to fire him over help he gave his scandalous brother.
  4. the fallout
    CNN Fires Chris CuomoThe cable-news host was terminated amid an internal review, days after a former colleague accused him of sexual misconduct.
  5. new york
    Chris Cuomo Was Asking for Info on His Brother’s AccusersNew documents from the attorney general’s office show he was begging to help his big brother and shaking down other journalists.
  6. andrew cuomo resignation
    Chris Cuomo Denies Being ‘Adviser’ in First CNN Show Since Brother’s ResignationCuomo claimed that he was not “an adviser,” but simply “a brother” — a brother who reportedly advised blaming the allegations on cancel culture.
  7. politics
    Chris Cuomo Advised Brother on Response to Allegations, Report SaysThe CNN anchor appeared to write the draft of a response to sexual-harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo.
  8. media
    Who Is the Media Really For?The AP’s firing of Emily Wilder and CNN’s protection of Chris Cuomo show the true values of what passes for journalism.
  9. double trouble
    Chris Cuomo Secretly Advised Brother to Fight Sexual-Misconduct AllegationsThe CNN host reportedly advised the governor as he feigned neutrality in public, one of several recent scandals in the Cuomos’ relationship.
  10. andrew cuomo
    Cuomo Granted His Family Special Access to COVID Testing Last March: ReportAs New Yorkers scrambled to get COVID tests in the early pandemic, Cuomo reportedly secured priority testing for his brother and other VIPs.
  11. coronavirus
    Chris Cuomo Airs Dramatic Basement Emergence a Week After Leaving BasementCuomo showed his “official reentry from the basement” on his CNN show Monday. He admitted to being outside a week ago.
  12. the media
    Chris Cuomo: I Don’t Like Being on CNN, Want to Fight CriticsA bout with coronavirus has brought on an existential crisis for the CNN host and younger brother of New York’s governor.
  13. the n-word
    Unless It’s the N-Word, It’s Probably Not ‘Like the N-Word’Chris Cuomo apologized for equating the term ‘Fredo’ with black people being called the ‘N-word.’ But he was echoing a broader trend.
  14. chris cuomo
    Trump’s Chris Cuomo Jab Appears to Make Light of ‘Red Flag’ LawsMaybe America’s troll-in-chief needs a mandatory waiting period for his jokes.
  15. the media
    Chris Cuomo Rages at ‘F*cking Punk’ Who Called Him ‘Fredo’Video shows the CNN anchor threatening to throw a man down a set of stairs for the unkind comparison to the idiot brother from The Godfather.
  16. government shutdown
    The ‘Both Sides’ Brigade Is Encouraging Trump to Take More HostagesBlaming both sides for the government shutdown does not make reporters “objective”; it makes them complicit in the president’s misrule.
  17. today in donald trump
    This Morning on CNN, Trump Groused About Carson, Rubio — and CNN“I have the ultimate temperament.”
  18. No, Chris Cuomo Should Not Have Interviewed His Brother, the GovernorWe find his defense entirely unpersuasive. 
  19. Governor Cuomo Interviewed by His Brother, the Only Person Who Works at CNNIsn’t this a conflict of interest?
  20. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker’s CNN Is Starting to Take Shape [Updated]James Carville, Erick Erickson out; Chris Cuomo in.
  21. cuomolot
    What Makes Andrew Cuomo One of People’s Sexiest Men Alive?“His many years of public service.”
  22. party chat
    At Cuomo Victory Party, There Was ‘A Lot of Hugging, A Lot of Crying, A Lot of Kissing’According to Chris Cuomo at least.
  23. in other news
    Juju Chang In, Chris Cuomo Out at GMAThe impending arrival of George Stephanopoulos has started a game of musical chairs at ABC.
  24. election hangover
    William Ayers: ‘I Wish I Knew Obama Better’In an interview with ‘Good Morning America,’ the former sixties radical rejected the proposition that his association with Barack Obama should have been an issue in the campaign.
  25. gossipmonger
    Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Hang Out With GirlsChace Crawford and J.C. Chasez hung out with girls and drank Cristal at a Vegas party thrown by Michael Strahan. A bunch of Upper East Side housewives at the premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City hated on the show. Because they were jealous. Among the stipulations in Kimora Lee Simmons’s contract rider is that her glass of Champagne must be filled whenever it gets below one inch. Employees at Philippe may have been watching celebs like Tom Brady and Gisele hook up in the restaurant’s private room via security camera. A party in honor of Baird Jones (open bar, naturally) will be held at Plumm this Friday, with a memorial service to be held at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine Saturday afternoon.