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  1. early and awesome
    Scott Walker Prankster Ian Murphy on Running for Congress and Why Buffalo SucksNot your typical candidate, or your typical Q&A.
  2. early and awkward
    Gawker: Was Craigslist-Trolling Former Congressman Chris Lee Seeking Out Transgendered Women?The tamest sex scandal in recent memory just got a little less tame.
  3. early and awkward
    Ex-Congressman Chris Lee Sent Those Topless Craigslist Photos During a Republican RetreatThis is why you shouldn’t business sext during a conference lecture.
  4. politics
    Chris Lee and His Wife May Rekindle the Flame in FloridaThey’re staying together, for now.
  5. early and awkward
    Woman Who Flirted Online With Chris Lee Is RevealedThat was fast.
  6. paladinosaur
    Carl Paladino Being Eyed by Upstate Republicans to Replace Quitting Rep. Chris LeeBrilliant.
  7. early and awkward
    Chris Lee Warned Teens Against People Like Chris LeeCue the Alanis Morissette song.
  8. early and awkward
    New York Representative Chris Lee Resigns After Trolling for Booty on Craigslist [Updated]Chris Lee claimed he was hacked. Then resigned.
  9. ink-stained wretches
    Tina Brown Still Acquiring Talent: Lures Music Writer From L.A. TimesChris Lee will be an entertainment writer for the NewsBeast.