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  1. war on christmas
    Why Christmas 2021 Is Already RuinedHoliday hysteria is off to an early start and there’s no shortage of things to blame, from the supply-chain crisis to Dr. Fauci to climate change.
  2. covid-19
    In Nursing Homes, Santa Claus Comes Bearing PPEHow workers and residents of long-term-care facilities are enduring a pandemic Christmas.
  3. covid-19
    Trump Holiday Parties Celebrate Season by Denying RealitySpreading Christmas cheer, election denialism, and potentially the coronavirus.
  4. that happened
    The Time Trump Asked a 7-Year-Old About Her ‘Marginal’ Belief in SantaThe president and a starry-eyed child were a match made in comedy heaven.
  5. nightmare before christmas
    The White House Is Already Throwing Maskless Holiday PartiesA spokesperson says “masks will be required,” but guests were reportedly not following along on the first day of festivities.
  6. pandemic
    Trump Administration Shelves COVID-Vaccine Santa ClauseSanta Claus performers would have been offered early vaccinations in exchange for their help promoting the COVID-19 vaccine.
  7. the grinch
    White House Delivers Chaos, Poverty, Misery for the HolidaysFrom the Mattis resignation to a looming shutdown, the White House is making sure everyone has a terrible holiday.
  8. silent night
    People Are Apparently Stealing from Melania’s Haunted TreesThey crave the haunted fruit.
  9. christmas
    Happy Holidays, I Got You the Yodel Kid Singing ‘White Christmas’Mason Ramsey is at it again.
  10. reading the signs
    Searching for Meaning in Melania Trump’s Red Christmas TreesWhy are we so haunted by them?
  11. silent night
    Melania Trump Ushers in Another Deeply Haunted Holiday SeasonThe White House Christmas decorations are up.
  12. select all
    Let These Videos of People Opening Christmas Presents Warm Your Cold, Dead HeartDon’t know how to experience happiness in this topsy-turvy world? Let these people do it for you.
  13. select all
    Play This Video of a Flaming Yeezy Yule Log at Your Next Holiday GatheringThe creators wouldn’t say how many real Yeezys were harmed in the process.
  14. select all
    Play This Remote-Controlled Crane Game for Charity Right From Your DeskKill time before the holidays and help support a good cause.
  15. select all
    Dog Nativity Scene Trumps All Other Nativities of Christmas PastLook upon the face of the tiny baby-Jesus dog and weep with joy.
  16. select all
    On Twitter, the Christmas Season Starts TodayIf you listen closely, you can hear the faint whisper of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” playing in the distance.
  17. select all
    When Reddit Pairs You With Bill Gates and Snoop Dogg for Secret SantaBill Gates apparently likes to shop at Hot Topic.
  18. select all
    Amazon Reviewers Dislike This Gold-Finished Donald Trump Christmas-Tree Ornament“Came with an entire crate of white hood ornaments. Great bargain! Downside: My tree is now on fire.”
  19. According to YouTube Data, ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ Season Has Begun[Taps mic.] Ayyyyye, don’t want a lot for Christmas.
  20. talking about the weather
    Why This May Be the Warmest Christmas of Your LifetimeThanks to several weird weather events, New York may see temperatures in the low 70s this week.
  21. islamic state watch
    11 Photos of Christmas in Iraq’s Kurdish CapitalAs ISIS fights nearby.
  22. One Surefire Way to Make the Naughty ListShooting Santa in the back. 
  23. how they would have covered it
    How the Media Would Have Covered the Birth of JesusProbably like this?
  24. puppies!!!!!!
    Here’s the 2013 White House Christmas Card, Featuring Pop-up PuppiesFrom Bo, Sunny, and the rest of the Obamas.
  25. the war on christmas
    Atheist Billboard Will Make Palin’s Head ExplodeThe “true” meaning of Christmas is … Chinese food?
  26. photo op
    Surprise: It’s Christmastime! The Rockefeller Center tree is here.
  27. summer in the city
    Christmas Came Way Too Early to Manhattan’s Pret à MangersStore speakers have been playing carols for over a week.
  28. Eccentric Survivor Gives Long Island Family a Christmas Miracle It all started with a text.
  29. Whose Family Celebrates Christmas With a Peppermint Pig?Show of hands.
  30. unnecessary debates
    Santa Is Definitely a DemocratAmerica mostly agrees.
  31. when people make us nauseous
    Christmas Tweets From the World’s Most Spoiled HumansThis is why they hate us.
  32. not-so-silent night
    Video: Working the Christmas Tree Late-Night Shift When drunken clubgoers pee on trees and you can get a tetanus shot for free.
  33. Good Samaritans Descend on Midwestern Kmarts, Pay Off Layaway Balances Stopping by the occasional Wal-Mart as well.
  34. the holidays
    Julian Assange Posed in a Santa Suit for NewsweekAnd he uses a Mac, for the record.
  35. intel
    ‘Sad and Lonely’ MondayWe’ll get through this together.
  36. terrorble
    Al Qaeda Continues Annual Christmas Tradition: Vague, Unspecified ThreatsOh, this again.
  37. america!
    Tom Tancredo Really Is Not a Smart PersonHe thinks the Obamas hate Christmas?
  38. because that just felt right to him
    Tinsel Was Apparently Invented by Someone InsaneWhich we guess is not that surprising, when you look at the stuff.
  39. happy holidays
    Santa Claus Doesn’t Mess Around With HosKeeps it real.
  40. the greatest depression
    It Just Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas in New York This YearSomething is amiss.
  41. goldmanfellas
    Top Goldman Executives Won’t Get Cash Bonuses This YearScore one for the loudmouth populace.
  42. goldmanfellas
    Goldman Sachs Is Going to Give People Millions of DollarsThe firm has created a $500 million initiative to assist small businesses.
  43. do they know it’s christmastime at all
    Owing to Populist Rage, Goldman Sachs Will Not Be Celebrating Christmas This YearOf course, this means the rest of us won’t get to celebrate, either.
  44. christmas in july
    Rockettes Will Perform This Year and Every Year “For the Foreseeable Future”Well, not the same Rockettes. But, you know.
  45. we’ve still got it
    Christmas in New YorkA Good Samaritan got robbed on Christmas.
  46. neighborhood watch
    A Karate Krishna Christmukkah to You!Now that’s the spirit of the season.
  47. this is just weird
    Santa Claus Clawed, Christmas Nearly RuinedHe was just asking him what he wanted for Christmas, and the next thing he knew…
  48. neighborhood watch
    One Woman’s Christmas Nightmare Is Her Teenage Son’s Christmas DreamA billboard with a stripper on it comes between a mother and son.
  49. the greatest depression
    Goldman Execs Selflessy Give Up BonusesLloyd Blankfein will somehow have to make the $70 million he got last time around stretch.
  50. ink-stained wretches
    You, Too, Can Gripe Publicly About Christopher HitchensOur friend Jeff Bercovici over at Portfolio just pointed out that Vanity Fair has finally caved and admitted that Christopher Hitchens is probably-definitely their most loathsome writer ever. (Even more than whoever writes those nightmarish Edwin Coaster correspondences. Seriously, those combined with the weird, unfunny joke pages VF suddenly decided to put in the back of the magazine really make us doubt our love for it.) So they want to hear what you think about his Hitchness. No V.F. contributing editor arouses more reader ire than our tireless columnist Christopher Hitchens. To accommodate the overflow of outraged letters and e-mails sent to the magazine, VF Daily introduces a new feature: Hitch Bitch. Though we love Christopher, we think we might contribute a note or two of our own. We might bring up the time he forced his freshly shorn balls upon us or that time he made us unwillingly relive the Christmas awkwardness of our childhood. Or maybe we’ll just complain about the fact that he has been showing up on the news as a political commentator this primary season. Dude, you can’t be an expert on Hillary’s campaign nuance and back waxing. Whom do you think you write for, Us Weekly? Announcing the Hitch Bitch [VF via Mixed Media/Portfolio]
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