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Christopher Ciccone

  1. in other news
    ‘Page Six’ Tells Us Opposing Tales About Madonna and Christopher CicconeAnd on the same day, no less! And you stopped buying the ‘Post’ on the weekends.
  2. intel
    Tomorrow, Christopher Ciccone Will Make Millions Telling Us Things We Already KnowIn his book about his sister Madonna, he tells us she’s a cutthroat businesswoman and an ego-centric jerk. To which we say: Um, duh.
  3. in other news
    Madonna Is Having an Affair With Gwyneth Now (or Something)At the very least, the singer’s brother says in his new book, they had an affair of the lips.
  4. gossipmonger
    Peter Cook Primps for His Big DivorceChristie Brinkley’s ex gets a MAN-icure for the big day, Madonna’s brother continues his bizarre publicity campaign, and Cindy Adams picks up on some ‘Gossip Girl’ rumors.
  5. gossipmonger
    Madonna’s Brother to Reveal ‘Graphic’ Secrets About Her in a New BookWe didn’t know she had any graphic secrets LEFT. Also in our roundup of the day’s gossip columns: Are some or all of the penguins at the Central Park Zoo gay? And who on earth would shoot Neil Diamond?