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  1. early and often
    Obama Is Coming to New York TomorrowHe’ll speak at the Cooper Union on financial-regulation reform at a very opportune time.
  2. the greatest depression
    Dodd Introduces Bill to Jump-start Financial Reform, Sets Aggressive TimelineThe Fed might be getting bigger.
  3. money
    Chris Dodd May Kill Volcker Rule“He is not going to risk bipartisan support to make the White House happy.”
  4. what other people think
    The Democratic Exodus: Not Entirely Terrible for DemocratsWhy the party isn’t that much worse off after a string of high-profile retirements.
  5. departures
    Sen. Chris Dodd to Throw in the TowelDemocrats are psyched.
  6. the greatest depression
    Ben Bernanke Joins the Debate Over His Second TermHe thinks he should get one.
  7. Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad Cleared by Senate Ethics CommitteeThe committee found “no substantial credible evidence” that this broke Senate rules, but the pair were reprimanded for not being more careful anyway.
  8. Chris Dodd Has Prostate CancerThe Connecticut senator’s condition was caught early, and he will likely undergo surgery in the coming weeks.
  9. early and often
    Chris Dodd Dunzo?Polls still show the Connecticut senator way behind a potential Republican challenger.
  10. the greatest depression
    Dodd Blames Treasury Department for Bonus LoopholeThis is going to get ugly.
  11. scenes from a meltdown
    Dodd Asks for $500 Billion Credit Line for FDICSo it can bail out the banks who are also receiving Treasury funds.
  12. inaugur-nation!
    What You Didn’t See on TV: Inauguration Celebrity WatchYou watched the ceremony, you analyzed the speech, you likely teared up. But what did you miss? Jada Yuan, embedded in the crowd, reports.
  13. early and often
    Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Shreds John McCainReid and Banking chair Chris Dodd just wrapped up a scathing press conference about the status of the bailout package.
  14. early and awesome
    Bill O’Reilly Excoriates His Fellow Conservative Radio Hosts As ‘Kool-Aid’–Drinking IdiotsIn a radio tirade, the ‘Factor’ host shoots off some not-so-friendly fire.
  15. the greatest depression
    Wait, What Exactly Is the Problem Here?The sticking points on the bailout plan do not seem all that complicated.
  16. it happened this week
    Differences of OpinionWhile political watchers spent last week looking ahead to primaries in Ohio and Texas, the candidates engaged in a serious debate — over a photo of Barack Obama wearing Somali clothing. (An Obama staffer claimed Hillary Clinton had leaked the shot to make him look Islamic; Clinton’s campaign manager said no one had claimed the photo was “divisive” until Obama and his new friend at the Post played it up.) Latecomer Ralph Nader, unsafe at any speed as far as most liberals are concerned, moseyed into the presidential race. Connecticut senator Christopher Dodd backed Obama; Jersey governor Jon Corzine rushed to aid the Clintons in Cleveland.
  17. early and often
    Michael Mukasey: A.G. Confirmation Not So Easy Squeezy After AllAre things looking less rosy for Michael Mukasey, the man who was meant to finally give conservatives an orgasm? The seemingly spotless Bush nominee for U.S. Attorney General has run into a couple of hurdles in the last week during Senate confirmation hearings. The first one is torture: Mukasey told senators that he didn’t know whether “waterboarding,” the practice of simulating the act of drowning so that a prisoner will divulge information, was unlawful or not. “It turned away from an easy confirmation,” a high-ranking Democrat told the Daily News. The second hurdle is presidential candidate Chris Dodd. The Connecticut senator has announced that he will vote against Mukasey’s confirmation, largely because the former judge and prosecutor has said that the president might be above certain presidential statutes. “That is about as basic as it gets,” Dodd later said. “You must obey the law. Everyone must.” Marc Cooper at the Huffington Post points out that once Dodd turned against him, the other Democratic presidential candidates have been forced to turn their thumbs down, too. Torture, as the old saying goes, is not an easy issue to get behind. Mukasey, what happened? You were our hometown boy. Don’t make us pull a Rudy and turn against our own kind! Dodd Sets Pace on Dunking Mukasey [HuffPo] Michael Mukasey’s AG Confirmation in Doubt [NYDN]
  18. white men with money
    740 Park: Ladies Love Chris DoddHuffington Post’s FundRace 2008 feature, which lets you track individual campaign contributions by name or address, continues to be a reliable source of stalkerish joy. Today we decided to check up on how 740 Park Avenue, with its plentiful dollar, votes. What we found might shock you.
  19. gossipmonger
    Not a Good ThingMartha Stewart’s driver was arrested for undisclosed reasons, and Stewart flipped out because he is Egyptian. Paula Abdul whines and moans a lot on her upcoming Bravo reality show, but it’s good TV. Actors from the Lord of the Rings trilogy are suing New Line, claiming the studio owes them a cut of merchandising revenue. Jean-Georges Vongerichten is set to open an authentic Japanese eatery where 66 used to be in Tribeca. HBO co-president of programming Richard Plepler, ICM agent Esther Newberg, and Lorne Michaels all back Chris Dodd for president. Barbra Streisand may star in a one-woman show on Broadway after her European tour.
  20. gossipmonger
    Nobody Knows in America, Puerto Rico’s in AmericaJohn McCain has RSVP’d for the Puerto Rican Day Parade, but Rudy Giuliani has not. Lorraine Bracco will be a onetime co-host of The View. Baird Jones will celebrate Dr. Kevorkian’s release from prison tonight by exhibiting his paintings at Webster Hall. Kevin Costner ate at Michael’s. John Travolta may be in denial about his son’s autism because of Scientology. Paris Hilton plans to keep a diary when she’s in prison, which she can later sell. Sharon Stone is set to star in mock political ads to be unveiled at the upcoming Venice Biennale. Charlie Palmer’s Kitchen 22, on West 22nd Street, closed.