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Christopher Hasson

  1. politics
    Domestic Terrorist Christopher Hasson May Be Released Pending TrialThe white nationalist had a kill list of prominent Democrats and journalists.
  2. white nationalism
    Coast Guard Officer Who Plotted Terror Attack Wanted ‘Race War,’ Documents SayCourt documents allege Christopher Hasson also targeted two Supreme Court justices and searched the phrase “please god let there be a race war.”
  3. domestic terrorism
    Report: Domestic Terrorism Still a Greater Threat Than Islamic ExtremismAccording to internal FBI figures, more domestic terror suspects were arrested in 2018 than those inspired by extremist Islamic groups like ISIS.
  4. terrorism
    Trump Should Stop Telling Hateful Lies That Racist Terrorists BelieveThe president might not have inspired Christopher Hasson. But the (alleged) terrorist’s thwarted plot illustrates the dangers of Trump’s demagogy.