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  1. the national interest
    No, the Steele Dossier Did Not Invent the Russia ScandalThe report was faulty, but Trump was very, very guilty.
  2. politics
    The Crippling Blow for the Steele DossierA key source for the purported dirt on Trump and Russia has been exposed, with damning fallout for his handler.
  3. just asking questions
    ‘The Steele Dossier Was a Case Study in How Reporters Get Manipulated’There is a shady underworld of spies for hire whose objective is to spin the information received by the American public. Usually, it works.
  4. media
    The Panama Papers Double CrossHow a spy-for-hire got closely guarded documents about the global elite, hawking them to the likes of Christopher Steele.
  5. 4 GOP Senators Call for Second Special Counsel to Investigate FBIRepublicans still suspect the FBI misused the Steele dossier, despite the dearth of evidence for that charge in Devin Nunes’s infamous memo.
  6. 3 Bombshell Claims in the Leaked Testimony on Trump and RussiaDemocrats just released testimony on the Christopher Steele dossier that Republicans don’t want you to see.
  7. the national interest
    Republicans Are Weaponizing Law Enforcement Against Trump’s EnemiesHillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and now Christopher Steele are being harassed with dubious charges.
  8. Mueller’s Team Has Interviewed the Guy Behind the Infamous ‘Pee Tape’ DossierTrump has called the dossier false. Mueller is not taking his word for it.
  9. Senate May Seek Testimony From British Spy Who Compiled Trump DossierChristopher Steele claims that Trump and Russia conspired to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Senate is considering hearing him out.
  10. The Making of the Bombshell Trump Dossier Dominating the NewsThe report has been in the works for over a year.
  11. WSJ Identifies Author of Trump Dossier As Ex–British Agent Christopher SteeleThis guy’s name is straight out of a schlocky spy novel.