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  1. Romney’s Insanely Dishonest Auto Bailout DefenseRemembering a not-too-distant time when Republicans decried “Gangster Government.”
  2. early and often
    Clint Eastwood’s Manager: Chrysler Ad ‘Not a Political Thing’“I think that Rove and everybody, if they’re sensible, would wonder why a longtime Republican and libertarian would do that.”
  3. the national interest
    Chrysler and Clint Make Obama’s Day (and Ruin Karl Rove’s)Optimism is good for business, and incumbents.
  4. the detroit talks
    United Auto Workers and GM Reach Tentative AgreementWould cover 48,500 union workers.
  5. tarpies
    Tim Geithner: Prone to ‘Odd Fits of Giggling’The auto industry gives Tim Geithner the giggles.
  6. It’s Not That Steve Feinberg Regrets Buying Chrysler...He just wishes it never happened.
  7. the greatest depression
    Arrivederci, Chrysler!As of this morning, the car company is officially Fiat’s problem.
  8. the greatest depression
    Dio Mio: Supreme Court Delays Sale of Chrysler to FiatSorry, administration, everyone, this thing isn’t over yet.
  9. you can’t fight city hall
    Hedge Funds Get Beat Down by The ManThe dissident lenders attempting to block the sale of Chrysler’s assets to Italy have given up.
  10. the hotties of the fi-cri
    Bankruptcy HotMore fodder for our upcoming Hotties of the Fi-Cri calendar.
  11. early and often
    Chrysler Files for Bankruptcy, Debtholders Cry FoulAnd when it hits them that only thing they’re getting out of this is a new enemy in President Obama, they’ll really be crying.
  12. the downturnaround
    The Downturnaround Keeps Its Head When Everyone Around It Is Losing TheirsYes, the car companies are disintegrating, people are sinking their own boats, and major architectural landmarks are going for half price. But Hugo Lindgren spots a few glimmers of hope.
  13. early and often
    In Detroit, Obama Administration Takes the WheelThe president pushes out the CEO of GM and gives it, and Chrysler, some firm deadlines.
  14. early and often
    Is Bankruptcy the Answer for Automakers?Today’s editorial pages are full of opinions on the Detroit mess.
  15. bailouts
    GM and Chrysler Want $21.6 Billion MoreAfter that they’ll clean up. For real this time.
  16. the greatest depression
    $17.4 Billion Auto Bailout ApprovedThe president’s new plan puts responsibility in the lap of President-elect Obama.
  17. company town
    GE Still Hearts NBC … For NowMEDIA • General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt said he’d postpone any decision on selling NBC until after the 2008 Olympics. Let’s just hope 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights last that long. [FT] • Doris Lessing beat out Philip Roth, who was rumored as a top candidate, for this year’s Nobel Prize in literature. It probably helps that Lessing’s most recent novel doesn’t involve an old geezer fucking a “luckless goy chick” in the face. [NYT, Hitchens/Atlantic] • FSG dominated this year’s National Book Award finalists, with five out of ten in fiction and nonfiction coming from the tweedy publisher’s lists. [NYT]