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  1. tell us what you really think
    Old-Time Brooklynite Hopes Hipsters Choke on Williamsburg-Themed Cigarettes“I hope all these kids buy them, smoke them, and get cancer.”
  2. photo op
    FDA’s Proposed Warning Labels Make Cigarettes Look Like HeroinThey’re pretty graphic.
  3. mine under matter
    Trapped Chilean Miners Finally Get Their CigarettesTwo packs a day.
  4. mine under matter
    Chilean Miners’ Request for Wine and Cigarettes DeniedThey get patches and nicotine gum instead.
  5. budget mess
    Cigarette Smokers Save New YorkCigarette taxes were raised another $1.60 per pack in New York.
  6. the world’s worst babies
    Indonesian Smoking Baby Down to Just Fifteen Cigarettes a DayHe was knocking off 40 a day at one point, so this is good news.
  7. jerks
    Smoking on Planes Isn’t Really That RareIn the past five years, 696 jerks have been charged for lighting up in the air.
  8. cigarettes
    Smoking in New York May Be Getting Even PricierAssembly Democrats likely to propose hike to state cigarette tax.
  9. obama is a human person
    President Obama Is Still SmokingGive the guy a break.
  10. taxes
    Governor Paterson Just Might Raise the Cigarette TaxSmokers might be forced to quit!
  11. ballsy crimes
    Police Kill Queens Karaoke Buzz, Bust Ketamine RingThirty were arrested after the cops found Ketamine and counterfeit cigarettes galore on Saturday night.
  12. obama is a human person
    Obama’s Long Road to RecoveryWhat the president has said about his cigarette habit through the years.
  13. Unkechaug Chief: Mayor’s Figures on Untaxed Cigarettes are ‘Made Up’The Long Island tribal leader rails against the lawsuit and the mayor himself, for being ‘fanatical about being God.’
  14. new york city is the man
    City of New York Attempts to Gross Out SmokersA new set of free matchbooks depicting rotting lungs, tumors, and ruined teeth will be passed out to eager smokers across the city.
  15. white men with money
    Bloomberg, Gates Mercifully Decide Against Ruling WorldInstead, they’ll put their vast wealth toward preventing cigarette deaths in developing countries.
  16. in other news
    Smoker Falls Four Stories, Lives to Destroy Lungs Another DayIt’s an amazing story, which makes us remember that amazing scene from ‘Sex and the City’!
  17. the morning line
    Standpipe Cut • As Robert Morgenthau’s office starts a criminal investigation of the Deutsche Bank blaze that killed two firefighters, it turns out that the faulty standpipe had been deliberately cut — and recently. [NYP]
  18. in other news
    Staten Island Is Marlboro Country; Manhattan Too Soused to NoticeThe city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has a new blockbuster report out, ratting on our fair city’s vices. As expected, smoking is on decline throughout NYC — treating it like Murder One can do that to a habit — with the citywide percentage of smokers at 18. The nationwide average is 21 percent. The trend holds true for all boroughs except one. That proud, black-lunged holdout is Staten Island — the borough that probably shouldn’t smoke at all, given its proximity to highly flammable toxic waste. Almost one in three Staten Islanders lights up, compared to less than one in five in Manhattan. Fresh Kills, indeed.
  19. in other news
    Ask a Newsstand Guy: Even More Cig Taxes? New York’s pricey smokes might be getting even pricier, with word in today’s Post that the city wants to raise its cigarette tax — currently $1.50 per pack — by another 50 cents. We stopped by Mushtaf Ahmed’s newsstand, at Third Avenue and 49th Street, where — as a stream of customers stopped by for sodas, candy, and cigarettes — we asked him what this will mean for the city’s smokers. Do you think you’ll be selling fewer cigarettes? I think definitely the people who generally smoke less, occasional smokers, it affects them, because anybody who smokes occasionally, they will stop. But anyone who is habitual or addicted, he will smoke. The chain smoker won’t stop, but the people who smoke a little will stop.