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  1. Looks Like Republicans Will Avoid a Special Election for McCain’s SeatGOP Governor Doug Ducey will name a successor to John McCain if he vacates his Senate seat, who will likely not face voters until 2020.
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    Cindy McCain Offered to Be the Godmother of Bristol Palin’s Unborn KidThis was strange.
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    Cindy McCain: ‘I Stand by My Husband’s Stance on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’But just yesterday, she didn’t.
  4. equal rites
    Cindy McCain Blames Gay Teen Suicides and Bullying on DADT, Her HusbandMrs. McCain is not shy about pointing the finger.
  5. equal rites
    Cindy McCain Joins California’s No H8 Gay-Rights CampaignThis comes as something of a surprise.
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    The Hudson Plane Crash Helped Jeremy Piven Find a Stand-inToo bad he only finds him now; that whole mercury embarrassment could’ve been avoided! Plus, Lourdes may be knotting her lush brows in crafty triumph!
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    Naomi Campbell Justly Booed for Cutting the Customs Line at JFKIt’s about time the little people struck back against Naomi! And more, in Friday’s gossip roundup.
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    John and Cindy McCain Backstage at ‘SNL’John notes that appearances on the show ‘humanize you,’ and Cindy acknowledges that all she ever does is just stand there.
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    Senior Republican Strategist: ‘McCain Should Campaign Like Dole’This, of course, makes us imagine what else John McCain should do like Dole.
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    John McCain Unleashes His Secret Weapon … Cindy McCainWhen someone who has barely spoken the entire campaign suddenly goes on the attack two days in a row, it’s hard not to notice.
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    Is Sam Ronson Supposed to Do Lesbian Benefits Just Because She Is One?Supposedly she turned down a benefit for a Village lady-bar. And will we see you at Steve Rubell’s cousin’s new Joan Crawford–themed club? More in today’s gossip roundup.
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    Who Says Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know Important People?The Alaska governor is totally friends with the dudes from the ‘Deadliest Catch!’
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    Derek Jeter Is Having a Good WeekPlus, did you know Anne Hathaway smokes? Sorry to ruin your naive worldview with today’s gossip roundup, but it had to be done.
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    McCain Throws Crumbs to Crowd Hungry for Red MeatWhereas Barack Obama needed to move toward the rest of his party to succeed last week, McCain needed to move away from his, and that ain’t easy at a convention.
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    The McCains Break Vow Not to Discuss Service-Member SonsSince the beginning of the campaign, the McCains had refused to talk about their sons in the military. What changed?
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    Guess Which Voice Coming Out of Matt Damon’s Mouth Is Cindy McCain and Which Is Michelle Obama?Both potential First Ladies contributed voice-overs to a kooky new ‘ONE Campaign’ ad. Can you pick out when they chime in?
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    We’ll See Your Poor Brother and Raise You Two Neglected SistersRich Obama has a shack-dwelling brother? Well, heiress Cindy McCain has two unacknowledged sisters!
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    Cindy McCain Will Put Herself in Harm’s Way to Make You Feel WelcomeIf that’s not a qualification for First Ladyship, we don’t know what is.
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    Cindy McCain Betrays BeerThe aspiring First Lady drinks sake at Tao. Plus, Seth Rogen claims ‘Pineapple Express’ isn’t a stoner movie, Bill Clinton has a secret meeting at the Russian Tea Room, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
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    L.A. ‘Times’ Questions McCain’s Divorce TimelinePlus, they point out a genius snub from former First Lady Nancy Reagan.
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    Cindy McCain Wants to Make the White House ShineWhat the mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue really needs is a good scrubbing.
  22. early and often
    Cindy McCain Lies to Us AgainCookiegate continues, forcing us to ask the all-important question: Does a candidate’s spouse’s batter matter?
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    Beyoncé’s Reps Are Kind of AwesomeIs Beyoncé pregnant? “We’ll perform an ultrasound and get back to you,” her reps say sassily. That and the results of other probing in our daily roundup of the city’s juiciest gossip.
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    Cindy McCain, Meet Everyone. Everyone, Meet Cindy McCain. John McCain’s presidential campaign is rather desperately lacking for youth and glamour. It badly needs to soften the affect of the Senator’s grim hawkishness without soft-pedaling his national-security credentials. And in the last 48 hours, it has had to find a defense against the New York Times’ semi-allegations that McCain had an affair with a lobbyist who had business before his Senate Commerce Committee. Almost by accident, one answer has emerged to all these conundrums: Cindy McCain.
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    Katie Couric Thinks Cindy McCain Looks Like ‘a Husky’Harry Shearer has another funny outtake clip of Katie Couric, this time broadcasting from New Hampshire during the primary. Greatest lines include “Giuliani’s dead. I mean, you know what I mean,” “Oh shit oh shit oh shit,” “[Cindy McCain] looks like a husky!” and “I don’t know much about Huckabee.” Click above to view — it’s sort of boring and riveting at the same time. But it raises the question: How does Harry Shearer keep posting these things without backlash from CBS News and Couric herself? Unless Katie secretly likes this stuff slipping out… Katie Couric 1 [My Damn Channel] Earlier: Katie Couric: ‘This Tart is Ready to Go’