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  1. religion
    NYC Drops Consent Forms for Blood-Sucking Circumcision Ritual Ultra-Orthodox Jewish parents weren’t actually using them.
  2. religion
    De Blasio Drops Consent Forms for Blood-Sucking Circumcision Ritual They weren’t being used anyway.
  3. religion
    De Blasio Has New Approach Circumcision Ritual It’s all about education. 
  4. religion
    Jewish Groups Sue City Over Circumcision RuleThey say there’s “no proof” that mohalim gave babies herpes.
  5. religion
    Blood-Sucking Ritual Circumcision Now Requires Parental Consent The NYC Board of Health made another controversial ruling today regarding an ultra-Orthodox tradition.
  6. babies
    ‘He’s the Busiest Mohel in New York’Behind-the-scenes video from our adorable photo shoot of Cantor Philip Sherman and 35 of the babies he’s circumcised this year.
  7. the morning line
    It’s Tough to Love a Steamroller • Must be all that screaming, cursing, and Medicaid- cutting: Governor Spitzer’s approval ratings plunged 13 percent in the latest Quinnipiac poll, with only 48 percent happy with his performance. [NYP] • A Bronx martial-arts instructor has confessed to a plan to train Al Qaeda terrorists. Tarik Shah, a jazz musician by day, was going to provide instruction in hand-to-hand combat. Does Osama’s new plan involve simply beating us up? [MetroNY] • We may not have farms in skyscrapers quite yet, but here’s one on a barge: Sun Works, a group of local scientists, is growing tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers in a floating garden just off the West Side Highway. [WNYC] • Think the city’s taking too much interest in what’s on your plate? You’ll be happy to know its attention is shifting south: The Department of Health is about to start a campaign promoting circumcision. [NYT] • And in a related item, the City Hall’s inexplicably subway-themed condom giveaway has been a huge success, with five million snatched up in 30 days. The city does not provide statistics on the items’ actual use. Yet. [NYDN]