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  1. urban planning
    The Bright Future of Citi BikeAfter five years, the system is nimble and popular, and costs the taxpayer nothing — and still has the power to transform the city.
  2. What Not to Do When President Obama’s Motorcade Comes to NYCAn instructional video.
  3. transportation
    Citi Bike Is Getting Bigger, Better, and More Expensive [Updated]The long-rumored sale is official, and the bike-share system has a new boss.
  4. gross things
    Someone Smeared Poop All Over a Bunch of Citi Bikes Gross.
  5. why we can’t have nice things
    Almost a Third of the Citi Bikes Are BrokenWhat are you people doing to them?
  6. transportation
    Why You Should Buy a Citi Bike Membership Right Now, During the ‘Death Spiral’Prices are about to go way up, and improvements are on the way.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    How Not to Paint a Stolen Citi BikeA quick, sloppy coat of white paint is not going to do the trick.
  8. transportation
    Stolen Citi Bikes Keep Turning Up Deep in BrooklynAt least 67 of them.
  9. neighborhood news
    Citi Bike App Cannot Be TrustedIt’s not very accurate, according to a new investigation.
  10. jerks
    At Least One Citi Bike User Doesn’t Quite Understand How Sharing WorksSomeone put a lock on one of the bikes.
  11. transportation
    Race to Airport Confirms What Everybody Already KnowsFor starters, taking a train and a bus isn’t the fastest way to get there.
  12. transportation
    Citi Bike Membership Could Go Up 50 PercentUp to $155, in the deal to save the bike-share program.
  13. transportation
    Citi Bike Might Be Saved by Sexy GymInvestors from Equinox are interested.
  14. transportation
    Citi Bike Owes NYC $1 Million in Lost ParkingAdd it to the list of financial problems for the bike-share program.
  15. transportation
    Almost All Citi Bike Riders Are Men, Especially in ManhattanJust 23.7 percent of riders are women.
  16. citi bike
    Citi Bike Boss Resigns Amid Bad NewsThe bike-share program’s problems continue.
  17. bike share
    Citi Bike’s Four Huge ProblemsThe bike-share program needs millions of dollars, “quickly.”
  18. talking about the weather
    This Terrible Winter Messed With Citi Bike, TooRiders have complained of empty stations throughout the snowy months, but it’s almost over.
  19. citi bike
    The First Big Citi Bike Injury Lawsuit Has Been FiledA 73-year-old man wants $15 million after he crashed near a docking station.
  20. citi bike
    Citi Bike–Maker Files for Bankruptcy Those software glitches are an even bigger problem for Bixi than they are for cyclists.
  21. transportation
    How Do People Use Citi Bike When It’s Cold Out?Quickly and deliberately.
  22. crazy things
    Insane People Used Citi Bike 6,669 Times During the Polar Vortex YesterdayIt was four degrees, remember?
  23. bike share
    Citi Bike’s Winter ProblemHow the bike-share program is preparing — or not — for snow.
  24. citi bike
    How Often Do New York Bicyclists Actually Stop at Red Lights?We have numbers. 
  25. citi bike
    Citi Bike Expanding to More Rich NeighborhoodsUpper West Side, Upper East Side, Park Slope, and Cobble Hill are next.
  26. safety first
    Citi Bike Not Nearly As Deadly As FearedNobody has been killed in the program’s first five months.
  27. hazards
    Maybe Don’t Put a Big Concrete Barrier in the Citi Bike PathPeople keep crashing.
  28. citi bike
    Only Rich White People Use Citi BikeResidents of low-income housing, not so much.
  29. rants
    Delia Ephron Cannot Stand How Blue Citi Bikes AreBlue meanies.
  30. lawsuits
    The Plaza Suing Citi Bike for Being UglyThe hotel wants the “eyesore” racks removed.
  31. citi bike
    Citi Bike Stations Proving Slightly More Dangerous Than the BikesTwo people are suing the city.
  32. cool things
    Watch the Best (First?) Citi Bike Trick Video EverAnd you thought no one could make Citi Bike look cool.
  33. transportation
    13 NYC Cycling Tips and Citi Bike Tricks, in GIFsFrom illustrator Nathan Pyle.
  34. citi bike
    Drunk Citi Biking Is Officially a ‘Trend’ “I’ve never blackout Citi Biked.”
  35. citi bike
    Citi Bike Had a Little Accident With Users’ DataIt waited a while to reveal the mistake.
  36. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Loves Being Seen on Citi Bike These DaysHe left a mayoral forum on one today.
  37. citi bike
    The ‘Shiti Bike’ Sticker Campaign Is Upon UsSomeone doesn’t like the bike share.
  38. kids today
    Citi Bikes Are the New Stretch LimosFor prom!
  39. citi bike
    Someone Put Glue on a Bunch of Citi Bike SeatsAt least we hope it was glue. 
  40. the most important people in the world
    Here Is a Picture of Leonardo DiCaprio Riding a Citi Bike With an E-CigaretteThe man is on-trend.
  41. citi bike
    Some People Have a Real Reason to Hate Citi BikeBike-rental salesmen.
  42. bike wars
    Yes, Cyclists, the Cops Are Giving You More TicketsEspecially in Brooklyn.
  43. public service announcements
    Don’t Rent the Citi Bikes With Backward SeatsThis is a sign from the previous rider that the bike is broken. 
  44. bike wars
    Some Citi Bikes Removed From Wealthy StreetsSurprise.
  45. awesome things
    Citi Bike Now Being Used As SoulCycle for Homeless PeopleReally, really!
  46. citi bike
    The Best, Most Fair Citi Bike Documentary So FarMeasuring the bike-share program on a “pain in the ass” scale.
  47. transportation
    Citi Bike May Be Best Hope for Stranded G Train RidersIf the MTA agrees to pay for expansion.
  48. health
    Inevitable Citi Bike Hack: Free Stationary Exercise “I never have to pay for a spin class again.”
  49. transportation
    A Legitimate Complaint About Citi Bike: The Docks Don’t Work WellThey didn’t totally work out those software issues.
  50. citi bike
    Not All of Hasidic Brooklyn Hates BikesHasidim for Bikes wants in on Citi Bike.
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