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  1. citi bikes
    Guy Managed to Ride a Citi Bike All the Way to California“I’ve spent enough time on this bicycle.”
  2. bike share
    Confirmed: Citi Bike Had a Rough First YearThe city comptroller released an audit on the bike share’s early troubles.
  3. citi bike
    Citi Bike–Maker Files for Bankruptcy Those software glitches are an even bigger problem for Bixi than they are for cyclists.
  4. pr gambles
    Will Citigroup Get a PR Bump From Citi Bikes?Survey says … maybe.
  5. transportation
    Bill Cunningham, Dorothy Rabinowitz on Citi BikeWatch their very different takes.
  6. safety first
    Citi Bike’s First Injury Crash Landed a Guy in the HospitalThe Post is already gloating.
  7. Citi Bike Gets a Harsh Lesson in City Biking: TheftHappens to everyone.
  8. Citi Bikes Are Really HereFilling bike stations ahead of Monday’s official launch.
  9. weight issues
    Citi Bikes Have a Weight Limit … Sort OfThe city doesn’t plan to enforce it.
  10. transportation
    NYC Bike Share to Finally Launch in May Despite Hurricane DamageThe DOT has set yet another date.
  11. hurricane sandy
    Inert Bike-Share Equipment Hit by Hurricane SandyAnother delay is possible.
  12. transportation
    Bike-Share Program Won’t Share Bikes Until Next SpringThe software just doesn’t work.
  13. transportation
    Delayed Bike-Share Program Needs Money, Might Not Launch Until SpringLaunch was originally planned for today.
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    Bloomberg Explains Bike-Share Delay, Shakes Head at Fickle New YorkersWe may not get our Citi Bikes this summer.
  15. transportation
    NYC Bike Share Delayed Until AugustIt’s too hot anyway.
  16. Test-Riding the Citi Bikes: Un-Chic But Surprisingly PleasantMore Obama than Satorialist.