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  1. Citigroup Issues Gun-Control Rules for Its Clients and Business PartnersCEO Michael Corbat wrote in a memo that the company is trying to “do our part.”
  2. real estate
    Want to Buy Vikram Pandit’s Greenwich Home?It’s on the market.
  3. pandit-bear
    How Vikram Pandit Got His Groove BackHint: $$$.
  4. white men with money
    Does the SEC Play Favorites?And does size matter?
  5. scary things
    An Indonesian Man Died During Citibank Debt CollectionIt’s bad PR for the bank in the world’s largest Muslim country.
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    Vikram Pandit Has Been Watching Too Much Citizen KaneCitibank’s CEO feels “uncomfortable” at the top.
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    Citibank Shuts Down Gay Social Network’s Bank AccountApparently the site’s blog content “was not in compliance with Citibank’s standard policies.”
  8. unfortunate phrasing
    Citibank Is Giving Everyone Cash Bonuses This Valentine’s Day!They really understand us.