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Citizens United

  1. obits
    Conservative Megadonor Sheldon Adelson May Be the Last of His KindThe casino mogul, who has died at 87, typified the kingmaking role made possible by Citizens United.
  2. campaign finance
    Report: Former Trump Campaign Official David Bossie May Be Scamming DonorsCitizens United president David Bossie’s fundraising group appears to have targeted older Facebook users who think they’re donating directly to Trump.
  3. mitch mcconnell
    In New Op-ed, McConnell Attacks Campaign Finance Reform and Voting RightsMcConnell jokes — and lies — his way through a Trump-friendly review of Democratic ethics and voting reforms.
  4. Denying Merrick Garland a Hearing Biggest Accomplishment of McConnell’s CareerMcConnell knows conservatives will forgive him — and Trump — almost anything in exchange for Supreme Court appointments.
  5. Labor Movement’s Worst Nightmare Heads Back to the Supreme CourtPublic-sector unions dodged a bullet last year when SCOTUS deadlocked on suit denying them fees for collective bargaining. But the threat is back.
  6. early and often
    Trump Hires Clinton Nemesis David BossieBossie will be Trump’s new deputy campaign manager.
  7. early and often
    Just 158 Families Dominate U.S. Presidential Campaign ContributionsAnd most of the donors are conservative, white, male, and got ultra-wealthy via the finance and energy industries.
  8. Hillary SCOTUS Picks Must Oppose Citizens UnitedShe made the vow to bundlers who have raised at least $27,000 for her campaign.
  9. the supremes
    More Money in Politics Couldn’t Hurt, Supreme Court RulesThe overall limit on campaign contributions has been struck down.
  10. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Romney Neutralizes His Own Super-PACsMaybe old, rich white men won’t buy this election after all.
  11. occupy everywhere
    Protesters Blocking Bridge Fall for ‘Ambulance Is Coming’ TrickThen they got arrested anyway.
  12. obama’s campaign brain
    David Axelrod on How to Overturn Citizens UnitedObama’s chief political strategist weighs in on campaign finance, gay marriage, and Mitt Romney.
  13. fun-raising
    Two Years Later, No United Effort to Destroy Citizens UnitedProtests mark the two-year anniversary today.
  14. citizens united
    City Council: Corporations Are Not PeopleNobody tell that to Mitt Romney.
  15. the supremes
    America Shakes Its Head at Samuel AlitoEveryone hates his recent campaign-finance opinion.
  16. state of disunion
    Why Justice Alito Was Moving His Mouth Last NightAnd was he right and Obama wrong?