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  1. politics
    NYC Passes Landmark Legislation to Help Food-Delivery WorkersThe first-of-its-kind measure will establish minimum payments for workers, access to bathrooms, and more.
  2. politics
    The Political Earthquake Coming to NYC: Noncitizen VotingA bill to let permanent residents and some visa holders vote locally could shake up the city and the nation’s politics.
  3. city hall
    Corey Johnson Wants to Tame the Giant Squid of City PlanningThe squid may have other ideas, though.
  4. city people
    Now That an Urban Planner Is on the City Council, Can She Help Fix Los Angeles?Nithya Raman is calling for systemic change — including breaking up her own district.
  5. new york city
    The Man Who Is Glitterbombing New York City Politics“I feel like I am playing with the house money here,” says Corey Johnson. “I mean, I can’t believe I am Speaker! I can’t believe I am Speaker!”
  6. Could a Democratic Socialist Actually Win a Spot on City Council?Probably not, but Jabari Brisport’s campaign is still a sign of the post-Bernie new-left revival.
  7. neigh to all that
    De Blasio’s Carriage-Horse Deal Goes to the Glue FactoryThe City Council was set to vote on it Friday. Nope.
  8. De Blasio Just Made It Illegal to Run the AC With a Door or Window OpenIf you’re a small business.
  9. carriage horses
    The Horse-Drawn-Carriage Ban Is Finally Going Before City CouncilMayor de Blasio said he’d tackle the issue on day one.
  10. ferguson
    NYC Councilmembers Walk Out to Protest Ferguson DecisionAfter fatal NYPD shooting earlier this week.
  11. masked menaces
    Batman and the Joker Join Forces Against City CouncilThe fate of Times Square characters is at stake.
  12. nanny state
    Dear Cyclists, the City Council Is Coming for Your Cell PhonesYou’ll have no choice but to upgrade to Google Glass
  13. identity politics
    It’s About to Get Easier to Update the Sex on Your Birth CertificateA move toward more rights for transgender New Yorkers.
  14. times square
    Times Square Characters Might Soon Need LicensesA City Council member has drafted a bill.
  15. neighborhood news
    Times Square Elmos May Soon Need License to Creep People Out and Harass TouristsA city councilman has drafted a bill. 
  16. City Councilmember Wants to Give Teens More Power Over Municipal MattersWhat could go wrong?
  17. smokin’!
    If You’re Not Old Enough to Drink, You’re Not Old Enough to Smoke in New YorkTime to stock up, kids, or better yet, quit.
  18. election 2013
    Handsy Vito Lopez Predictably Lost His Comeback AttemptTo someone who didn’t resign in a cloud of sexual-harassment allegations.
  19. the third terminator
    Council Synchronizing Vacations to Override Bloomberg’s NYPD Bill VetoNow they have to carry out that threatened override.
  20. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Plans to Kill NYPD Oversight Bill With KindnessIf he can change one vote, his veto will stand.
  21. nypd blues
    The NYPD Is Getting an Inspector General, Says City CouncilThe bill has enough votes to override Bloomberg’s veto.
  22. the racie for gracie
    Quinn Happily Admits to Being ‘Pushy,’ But Denies She’s VindictiveShe’s fine with most of The Times’ portrayal.
  23. nypd blues
    Quinn Says NYPD Inspector General Plan Can Override VetoThe NYPD is less thrilled about new oversight.
  24. Christine Quinn’s Risk-Averse 2013 StrategyBeing a city council speaker running for mayor can be a blessing and a curse.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Sees No Reason for More NYPD OversightA bill proposed by the City Council would create an independent monitor for the department.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    City Council Aide Re-Fired for ‘Terrorist’ Conviction [Updated]He was re-hired today, and then let go again.
  27. obits
    Former Brooklyn Councilman Enoch Williams Dies at 84 He pushed the smoking ban in 1994.
  28. sticky situations
    City Council Overrides Bloomberg, Bans Awful Sanitation StickersCity council axes the New York Sanitation Department’s shame stickers.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Has Few Answers on Car AccidentsCity Council wants to know why drivers are so rarely charged in accidents.
  30. neighborhood news
    What Would You Do With $1 Million of the City’s Money?Pave a few streets? Lots of Lotto tickets?
  31. brooklyn
    City Council Member’s 22-Year-Old Communications Director Found Dead in Her Brooklyn ApartmentPolice suspect a drug overdose.
  32. here in my car
    Street Parking to Potentially Get Significantly Less AnnoyingAlternate-side parking days could be cut in half.
  33. lights out
    City Council Fails to Represent One Particular GroupThe one with a dangerously unhealthy addiction.
  34. smoking
    New York’s Smoking Ban to Hit the Out-of-DoorsNo more lighting up in Central Park or Times Square.
  35. war-mart
    Wal-Mart Steps Up Its New York Propaganda WarA website seeks to mobilize supporters, but do supporters care enough to mobilize?
  36. very tall things
    Empire State Building–Blocking 15 Penn Plaza Approved by City CouncilA skyscraper grows in Manhattan.
  37. budget
    Bloomberg, City Council Agree on NYC BudgetTax increases avoided!
  38. crossing over
    City Councilman Hopes to Team Up With Comptroller for Boycott of ArizonaWill New York City take a stand against Arizona’s illegal-immigration law?
  39. parking
    City Council Overrides Bloomberg’s Grace-Period VetoScore one for the little guy.
  40. let’s get civical
    Miguel Martinez Sentenced to Five Years in Prison“If I could change time, I would do things differently.”
  41. neighborhood news
    Roll-Down Security Gates to Be Gradually Rolled Out of ExistenceIn about fifteen years, there will be slightly fewer ugly grates covering storefronts.
  42. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Would Rather You Pay for That Parking TicketThe mayor is in a fight with the City Council over parking-ticket grace periods.
  43. let’s get civical
    Miguel Martinez Pleads GuiltyThe disgraced city councilman admitted to pocketing $106,000 in funds earmarked for charities.
  44. let’s get civical
    First City Councilman Resigns Over Nonprofit Funding ProbeMiguel Martinez, who is expected to be charged in the coming weeks, stepped down today.
  45. the third terminator
    Contentious Term-Limit Vote Drove Wedge Between AlliesCity Council members, including Christine Quinn, are eyeing Bloomberg as they nurse their wounds from the term-limits battle.
  46. BREAKING: City Council Votes to Extend Term LimitsHoly cow. In a major victory for Mayor Bloomberg, the City Council just narrowly voted to pass his proposal to extend term limits.
  47. the third terminator
    Today Is Mayor Bloomberg’s Big DayThis afternoon City Council will face a vote on term limits. But there are still hurdles before we get there.
  48. City Council Meetings on Term Limits Are ScaryIn which we imagine what was going on inside the head of the girl who told off Mayor Bloomberg.
  49. company town
    Billionaires Have Bad Days, TooCarl Icahn is struggling with various projects, Sharon Waxman becomes the latest media lady to start a news-aggregation Website, and — it’s official! — most City Council members pay less rent than you do, in our daily roundup of finance, media, real-estate and entertainment news.
  50. early and often
    Christine Quinn Joins the Scandal BandwagonThe City Council Speaker has been allocating monies to phony nonprofits at the beginning of every year so she can use the funds later for favors, reports the Post.
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