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Civil Disobedience

  1. religion
    Many Evangelicals Are Defying Social Distancing to Go to ChurchThere’s defiance in the air among some Evangelicals confronting efforts to regulate traditional services deemed a threat to public health.
  2. the kavanaugh hearings
    Democrats Take ‘Civil Disobedience’ Stance in Leaking Kavanaugh DocumentsIn an escalation of protests over a rushed procedure with concealment of documents, Democrats start leaking them and Republicans threaten retaliation.
  3. occupy everywhere
    Protesters Blocking Bridge Fall for ‘Ambulance Is Coming’ TrickThen they got arrested anyway.
  4. occupy everywhere
    Eviction Deadlines Pass at Occupy L.A. and Occupy PhiladelphiaThe protesters are hanging tight for now.
  5. occupy wall street
    Keith Gessen Among the Writers and Journalists Arrested at Occupy Wall StreetBoth traditional and nontraditional members of the press have been arrested.
  6. occupy wall street
    Can Occupy Wall Street Avenge Its Eviction?All eyes will be on both the protesters and the police tomorrow.
  7. civil disobedience
    Thousands Protest at White House Over PipelineThe protests were purposely held exactly one year before the 2012 election to send a message.
  8. occupy d.c.
    Occupy D.C. Protests Koch Brothers Meeting, Three Hit By CarThree hit by a car amid conflicting reports.
  9. occupy everywhere
    Watch Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Get Drowned Out by the People’s Mike“Mike check. (MIKE CHECK!)”
  10. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Stands With National Spinoffs As Oakland SimmersMayors nationwide are getting nervous.
  11. civil disobedience
    Cornel West Arrested Again, This Time at a Stop-and-Frisk ProtestAbout 30 people were apprehended in all.
  12. occupy wall street
    Occupy Everywhere: Dispatches From Demonstrations Around the World, Vol. 1A roundup of international news from the loosely linked protests.
  13. occupy wall street
    Jesse Jackson Literally Links Arms With Occupy Wall Street Protesters to Protect Medical TentLast night brought another mini-showdown with police.
  14. occupy wall street
    Thirty Days of Occupy Wall StreetThe month in photos features the clashes, cleanup, and the signs, of course.
  15. occupy wall street
    NYPD Clashes With Protesters Captured in Violent Videos [Updated]Videos from this morning’s marches show fights and arrests.
  16. occupy wall street
    City Backs Down in Zuccotti Standoff, Occupy Wall Street Protesters EmboldenedThe city backs down in the face of more than 1,000 strong.
  17. occupy wall street
    What Will Become of Occupy Wall Street: A Protest Historian’s GuideTwo activist old-timers lay out a few possibilities.
  18. occupy wall street
    NYPD Says Protesters Can’t Bring Belongings Back to Zuccotti Park After CleaningIs it eviction time?
  19. occupy wall street
    Pepper-Sprayed Protester Pursuing Charges Against CopOccupy Wall Street woman goes after officer.
  20. occupy wall street
    There Are Occupy Wall Street CondomsSay goodbye to the next generation.
  21. occupy wall street
    Expect a New James O’Keefe Video Any Day NowHe stopped by Occupy Wall Street today.
  22. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Softens Stance on Occupy Wall Street, Says They Can StayAs long as they “obey the laws.”
  23. media
    ‘Journalist’ Poses As Protester, Gets Pepper-Sprayed for a StoryYou’re doing it wrong.
  24. occupy wall street
    Building the Brand: Grading Occupy Wall Street Protest SignsAn ad exec and PR professional assess the movement’s signs and slogans.
  25. occupy wall street
    Transport Workers Union Has No Interest in Moving Arrested ProtestersThe union won’t work with the NYPD against Occupy Wall Street.
  26. occupy wall street
    Radiohead to Play Occupy Wall Street This Afternoon? [Updated]Protesters reported that it’s happening, but the band says no way.
  27. occupy wall street
    Labor Unions and Leftist Groups Prepare to Join Occupy Wall Street As Protesters Settle InOld lefty guard set to stand with the kids.
  28. occupy wall street
    NYPD Pepper-Sprayer Hit Fellow Officer With Friendly Fire, Has Prior Protest ComplaintThe police department say the pepper spray was “used sparingly.”
  29. occupy wall street
    Corporate Landlord Losing Patience With Occupy Wall Street ProtestZuccotti Park is a privately owned public space.
  30. occupy wall street
    Police Use Forceful Tactics and Mace at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ ProtestsEighty people arrested in yesterday’s demonstrations.
  31. occupy wall street
    ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protestors Claim Excessive NYPD Force in Latest Arrests [Updated]They claim one protestor is in critical condition.
  32. occupy wall street
    Old Anti-Mask Law Foils Wall Street ProtestorsFive have been cited for breaking a 150-year-old rule.
  33. occupy wall street
    The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Drew Hundreds, Snarled TrafficWe’ve got a slideshow of the highlights.
  34. crossing over
    Arizona Immigration-Law Fallout Continues in New YorkState lawmakers plan to chain themselves to the border fence.