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  1. How to Maintain Your Sense of Proportion in the Trump EraThe closer we get to the 2018 and 2020 elections, the less sense it makes to treat Trump’s very presence as an intolerable, outrageous scandal.
  2. NRA Announces Bizarrely Sane Position on Selling Guns to TerroristsThe group says that if someone on the terror watch list tries to buy a firearm, the sale should be delayed — but those suspects should have due-process rights to contest their inclusion on the list.
  3. The Liberal Case for Allowing Suspected Terrorists to Buy GunsLiberals shouldn’t risk giving President Trump the power to unilaterally rescind their constitutional rights.
  4. spy games
    The NYPD’s Spy Cab Looks Just Like a Regular CabLook for it outside your local mosque.
  5. lawsuits
    NYPD Settlements Now a Bit More SecretiveThe city is no longer disclosing lawsuits’ costs unless asked specifically.
  6. civil liberties
    Nude Model Wins $15,000 Apology From Flustered CopsJustice.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Stop-and-Frisks Are Down a Bit Lately [Updated]The department only searched 133,934 people in the second quarter of 2012.
  8. technology
    Twitter Fighting Subpoena for Occupy Wall Street Tweets“Yesterday we filed a motion in NYC to defend a user’s voice.”
  9. spy games
    Bloomberg Rolls Out ‘Muslim Friends’ Defense of NYPD SpyingThe mayor and his police chief are holding strong, while potential successors tread carefully.
  10. war on terror
    Obama Administration Justifies Killing Citizens as ACLU’s Jaw DropsAttorney General Eric Holder gave a speech defending the policy today.
  11. spy games
    Mayor Cory Booker Had No Idea the NYPD Spied on Muslims in Newark, TooThe mayor of New Jersey’s largest city says he was kept in the dark about post-9/11 surveillance.
  12. NYPD Now Spying on Muslim Students Well Outside New York CityIncluding at Yale, Rutgers, UPenn, Syracuse, and two upstate SUNY campuses.
  13. Just Chill Out and Let the NYPD Photograph Your EyesSome New Yorkers claim police are giving them a hard time about the voluntary program.
  14. spy games
    Secret NYPD Document Describes Which Muslims to Spy OnThe AP’s investigation into the department’s surveillance program continues.
  15. equality
    NYPD Intelligence Division Is Way Too WhiteThe NYCLU has filed a federal complaint alleging such.
  16. Do Terrorists Get Due Process? Maybe“Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.”
  17. spy games
    NYPD Watches Muslims Who Change Their Names TooInfo on the surveillance program keeps coming out.
  18. nypd
    What Did Ray Kelly Do Today?The NYCLU believes we have a right know.
  19. spy games
    Add Muslim College Students to the List of Locals the NYPD Spied OnBeware the “militant paintball trips.”
  20. war on terror
    Secret Al-Awlaki Memo and Drone Program Raise ConcernsAmerican presidents don’t often have American citizens killed.
  21. spy games
    NYPD Didn’t Unfairly Spy on Muslims, Says NYPDRay Kelly gets grilled in a City Council hearing.
  22. spy games
    NYPD Even Spied on the Muslim Leaders Who Were Helping ThemLocal community leaders were under surveillance even as they lunched with Bloomberg.
  23. war on terror
    Top Counterterrorism Agent: Killing al-Awlaki Was the Right Thing to DoBut will Yemen be the new Pakistan?
  24. war on terror
    Not Everyone Thinks Killing Anwar al-Awlaki Was the Right Thing to DoSome argue that the targeted killing may do more harm than good.
  25. spy games
    CIA Will Investigate Its Role in NYPD Intelligence ProgramNew director David Petraeus says they’re looking into it.
  26. spy games
    NYPD Looked to CIA for Cues in Clandestine Muslim Surveillance ProgramThey use undercover officers called the “Demographic Unit.”
  27. the morning line
    2,750 • The city’s medical examiner has, for the first time, directly tied a death to 9/11 dust, thus making Felicia Dunn-Jones the 2,750th victim of the attack. The decision’s potential impact is, obviously, enormous. [NYDN] • Yesterday’s human chain around Stuy Town, apart from serving up a mini-flashback to Hands Across America, had a specific purpose: to repeal the law that allows landlords to deregulate apartments once the rent hits $2,000. [Metro NY] • The city is closing its high schools for pregnant girls, sixties inventions now beset with “abysmal test scores [and] poor attendance” (in one hair-raising example, a quilting class was being passed off as geometry). [NYT] • After facing suits for a few knee-jerk post-9/11 arrests, the city reached a deal with the New York Civil Liberties Union to stop pestering photographers and filmmakers operating handheld cameras on the street. No permit is now needed. [amNY] • And an infamous distributor of pirated Web content has been sentenced to five years for a real-world crime of, well, blowing up a portable toilet. It’s like when they got Al Capone on tax charges, except not. [NYP]