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Civil Rights Act

  1. politics
    The House Has Passed the Equality ActThe bill, which has Biden’s support, prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.
  2. racism
    Racism Has Thwarted American Ideals From the Beginning, and Still DoesInstead of complaining about greater recognition of racism in American history, conservatives should realize it has been their enemy, too.
  3. racism
    McConnell Thinks Obama Election Was Reparations EnoughMcConnell reflects the belief of many white Republican voters that they, not African-Americans, are the victims of racial discrimination.
  4. obits
    Thad Cochran Was a Vestige of a Non-Racist Southern GOPThe late senator was one of the last representatives of a southern Republicanism that pre-dated the region’s racial realignment.
  5. tea time
    Rand Paul Wishes That People Would Ignore His Support for Allowing Legalized SegregationGod, media, what’s your deal?
  6. tea time
    Updated: Rand Paul Does Damage ControlHe’s not going to repeal the Civil Rights Act, yay!
  7. tea time
    The Rand Paul Bubble Has Already BurstThe Senate candidate wouldn’t have outlawed segregation.