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  1. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Class WarWorkers aren’t the ones clamoring to reopen the economy — they’re protesting against bosses who take away hazard pay while they’re still dying.
  2. opioid epidemic
    Bloomberg’s Alleged Aid for the Sackler Family Should Come As No SurpriseA new report reveals that the billionaire gave PR advice to the now infamous family behind the opioid epidemic.
  3. vision 2020
    Class Divides Republicans – But Not Democrats – on Economic IssuesA new study suggests Democrats have much to gain – and little to lose – by campaigning on a progressive economic message in 2020.
  4. democratic party
    Affluent Democrats Aren’t an Obstacle to Economic PopulismThe class divide between affluent and working-class Democrats is less politically significant than the divide between both groups and the super-rich.
  5. early and often
    Does Bernie Sanders Really Have Working-Class Support?His support base consists of young, white liberals, not the proletariat.
  6. In Iowa, Democrats Were Divided by Class More Than by IdeologyIowa’s upper middle class voted for Clinton, while its lower middle class opted for revolution.