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Climate Denial

  1. life after warming
    After Climate AlarmismThe war on denial has been won. And that’s not the only good news.
  2. EPA Prevents Scientists From Speaking About Climate Change at ConferenceEPA head Scott Pruitt is a climate change skeptic.
  3. global warming
    Report: Trump Saying He Will Pull U.S. Out of Paris Climate DealAmerica’s exit from the agreement wouldn’t doom the 195-country pact, but it would increase the danger the world faces from global warming.
  4. climate denial
    EPA Scrubs Climate-Change Sections From Website“Our website needs to reflect the views of the leadership of the agency.”
  5. The Reality of Climate Change Is Catching Up to the GOPSeventeen House Republicans — many from areas already suffering the consequences of climate change — have signed onto a call for action.