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  1. Clinton Campaign, DNC Helped Pay for the Steele DossierIt’s fodder for Trump’s claim that the Democrats invented the Russia scandal.
  2. Clinton Really Shouldn’t Have Told Voters That Trump Wasn’t a Regular RepublicanNew analyses suggest that many pro-choice and economically liberal Democrats voted for Trump because they didn’t think he was a normal Republican.
  3. early and often
    Clinton Campaign Will Take Part in Election Recounts, But Doubts ManipulationBoth the Clinton campaign and the White House say they haven’t found evidence to warrant further scrutiny of the election results.
  4. Hillary Clinton Took an Uncharacteristic Gamble With Alicia MachadoClinton trusted voters to recognize that Trump’s misogyny was more important than Machado’s run-ins with the law. (Or, she just forgot to Google her.)