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Clinton Emails

  1. nikki haley
    Haley Used Unsecured Emails for Classified Info Because She Lost Her PasswordIf she runs for president, will she face “Lock her up!” chants?
  2. politics
    Comey Confirms That Hillary Clinton’s Inevitability Was Her UndoingLike many others, Comey bought into the overconfidence of a Clinton victory, but few had as much power to derail her campaign.
  3. Report: Russian Hackers Discussed How to Get Clinton Emails to Mike FlynnA GOP opposition researcher says he tried to obtain missing Clinton emails for Flynn — and intelligence reports support his tale.
  4. The Senate Is Now Investigating Former Attorney General Loretta LynchThe Justice Department’s handling of the Clinton email investigation is at the center of the senators’ questions.
  5. Report: Dubious Russian Intel Influenced Clinton Email InvestigationA document from Russian intelligence that the FBI now considers unreliable played a big role in James Comey’s handling of the Clinton probe.
  6. Comey: Staying Silent on FBI’s Clinton Probe Would’ve Been ‘Catastrophic’The FBI director told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the thought he influenced the election makes him “mildly nauseous.”
  7. Jason Chaffetz Keeps Focus on What Really Matters: Hillary Clinton’s EmailsThe House Oversight chair is seeking charges against the ex–State Department employee who helped set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server.
  8. Search Warrant Shows FBI’s ‘Probable Cause’ in Clinton Probe Was Pretty ThinLegals experts say the warrant should have never been issued.
  9. Trump Backers Are Not Amused by His Decision to Not ‘Lock Her Up’The president probably doesn’t have the power anyway. But that hasn’t softened the blow for his base.
  10. damn emails
    FBI Director Again Clears Clinton After Review of New Email TroveDirector Comey violated Justice Department policy and surely influenced a presidential election for no reason.
  11. The FBI Is Reviewing New Emails Related to Its Hillary Clinton InvestigationThe FBI reportedly discovered new emails “pertinent” to its investigation of Clinton, during its investigation of Anthony Weiner’s sexting exploits.
  12. White House May Have Worked to Contain Clinton Email ScandalEmails obtained by the RNC are purported to show the White House coordinating with the emerging Clinton campaign as the email story broke.
  13. New Emails Revive Concerns About Cronyism in Clinton’s State DepartmentThe head of the Clinton Global Initiative asked the State Department to hire his associate. “Personnel has been sending him options,” an aide replied.
  14. Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton Needs Better, More Honest Talking Points on Her Email IssueGiven that this is one of the most important, legitimate questions about her qualifications, there’s way too much spin going on.