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  1. Clinton Foundation Says It Accepted $1 Million Donation From QatarAccording to a Reuters report.
  2. Trump Aide on False Report of Clinton Indictment: ‘The Damage Is Done’Kellyanne Conway argues that inaccurate journalism is good journalism — so long as it harms Clinton.
  3. The Clinton Foundation Is Laying Off Dozens As Wind-Down BeginsThe final CGI meeting is taking place this week in New York.
  4. If Clinton Needs to Close Her Foundation, Trump Needs to Dissolve His CompanyTrump’s company has financial ties with a long list of our government’s allies and enemies. Those conflicts of interest can’t be escaped.
  5. Hillary Clinton Is Just Gonna Run Out the Clock on This Email ThingClinton will not be responding to the latest email brouhaha. Instead, she’ll kick back and watch Trump continue to lose this election.
  6. Most of the Private Citizens Sec. Clinton Met With Had Donated to Her FoundationThe AP reports that more than half of the nongovernment officials Clinton met with at the State Department had donated to the Clinton Foundation.
  7. Donald Trump Unveils Actual Plan to ‘Lock Her Up’Since the Clinton-loving FBI can’t be trusted, Trump is promising to appoint a “special prosecutor” to investigate his rival after the election.
  8. New Emails Reveal That Huma Abedin’s Job at the State Department Kind of SuckedNewly released State Department emails suggest the Clinton aide spent a lot of her time answering odd requests from Clinton Foundation donors.
  9. the national interest
    Hillary Clinton’s Ethics Problems Are Worse Than She UnderstandsThe Clinton Foundation needs to die.
  10. New Emails Revive Concerns About Cronyism in Clinton’s State DepartmentThe head of the Clinton Global Initiative asked the State Department to hire his associate. “Personnel has been sending him options,” an aide replied.
  11. origin story
    TiVo Helped Inspire the Clinton FoundationAfter catching up on ‘90s TV, the former president realized there must be something more to life than this.
  12. Inside the Clintons’ World of Big-Bucks SpeechesA huge but secret market.
  13. the clintons
    The Clinton Foundation’s Behind-the-Scenes Battle With a Charity Watchdog GroupAfter landing on a high-profile watch list, the Clinton group is fighting to recover its good name.
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    Bill Clinton Wants Everyone to Chill Out About the Clinton Foundation“I don’t think that I did anything that was against the interest of the United States.”
  15. the clintons
    Clinton Foundation Says It ‘Made Mistakes,’ But Bribery Wasn’t One of ThemThe lack of evidence didn’t prevent Newt Gingrich from accusing the Clintons of “clearly illegal” behavior.
  16. hillary watch
    New Book Will Ostensibly Make People Care About Shady Clinton DonationsRand Paul and the New York Times actually agree about something.
  17. hillary watch
    Despite Pledge, Clinton Charity Failed to Disclose DonorsTheir issues with transparency go well beyond emails.
  18. How the Clinton Foundation Is Giving Hillary a HeadacheOr why raising money from foreign countries during your day job could complicate presidential ambitions. 
  19. the clintons
    Chelsea Clinton Gets Paid a Lot to Speak, TooBut she doesn’t keep it.
  20. early and often
    Clinton Foundation Donor List OutAnd it’s disappointingly un-titillating.